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Against the backdrop of a fast-advancing technological world, the convergence of arts and technology has ushered into a new era of art technology (Art Tech), disrupting how humans create, receive, and respond to arts and culture. Furthermore, amidst the devastation that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought worldwide, it has never been more urgent to encourage a synergistic growth of Art Tech within our community. In particular, the UK, USA, and Japan have recently developed comprehensive R&D initiatives for art and technology convergence. The aim of this project is to contribute to the long-term sustainability and viability of the arts ecosystem in Hong Kong, exploring new opportunities that AI-based Art Tech could bring to our city. This will enable new modalities of artistic creation and consumption triggering important socio-economic impacts, thus stirring up a powerful rippling resonance in areas such as business, healthcare and education. 


Our Goals

By combining the expertise and experience of members from different fields including AI, cognitive science, and arts, the project’s team have set themselves three main goals to achieve:



AI Technology for Artefact Creation

The development of new algorithmic systems for artefact creation, driven by cognitive and physiological data together with human experience and behaviour.


Art Tech for Manifestation and Delivery

The creation of new modes of artistic content and delivery mechanisms via an immersive and interactive XR media platform for audience engagement and arts education.


Platform Deployment and Applications

The investigation of the potential of arts and technology convergence for augmenting human creativity. 


The outcomes of this project are expected to include:


  1. Application Projects – dedicated artistic deployments for testing new technologies while reaching global dissemination.
  2. Research Theatre – a novel platform for ground-breaking innovations in the realms of Art Tech.
  3. Digital Art and Policy Network – the region’s most comprehensive digital art network, linking Hong Kong to a wider global Art Tech development network. 

Leveraging the recent development in AI technologies, Art Tech will radically change the art world and creative industries, creating significant social, educational, and economic benefits in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. This research project is well poised to offer a powerful interdisciplinary framework to address pressing societal challenges we face in a post-COVID pandemic era, and brings new opportunities for broad and meaningful socio-cultural-economic growth in Hong Kong.