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To keep up with the rapid changes of our time and the evolving mission of HKBU, the School has aligned the foci of its development with the University’s strategic priorities:


  1. Health - The School has established a working group, centred on the Department of Communication Studies, and has begun to explore the possibility of cross-disciplinary work with the School of Chinese Medicine and the Department of Sport and Physical Education. The working group is developing projects which are designed to communicate the findings of research into health and physical well-being to the wider public.
  2. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The School has a group, centred in the Department of Journalism, which is working together with the Department of Computer Science to adapt data analytics and AI applications to the field of journalism. Collaborative work has been instigated on Data Journalism and on the development of AI solutions to the problem of “fake news”. 
  3. Creative Media - The Academy of Film is working with the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing to bring together the ongoing work around the history, aesthetics and practice of Chinese cinema. 

The School firmly believes that the transfer of knowledge from its researchers will not only empower its partners and individual participants in their respective projects, but also society as a whole.