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School of Chinese Medicine

School of Chinese Medicine

School of Chinese Medicine

A pioneer and leader in Chinese medicine education, research and healthcare in the tertiary education sector in Hong Kong, the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) offers the most comprehensive academic and professional programmes in town for aspiring Chinese medicine practitioners and professionals.  It also boasts a world-class research team devoted to impactful and translational research and an extensive network of clinical and health management centres highly revered for its expert medical team.


Committed to both inheritance and innovation in Chinese medicine, the School makes full use of modern technologies to conduct innovative research on Chinese medicine, integration of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and contribute to the standardisation, modernisation and internationalisation of Chinese medicine. High-end research laboratories and infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities are established to consolidate our research strengths.


SCM takes pride in its strong and vibrant research team which engages in cutting-edge research that is internationally competitive, supports teaching and learning and has the potential to have a significant impact on society. We frequently publish in prestigious international journals and have been granted patents in US, mainland China, Europe, Germany, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.


Furthermore, the School has been proactive in seeking collaborations with enterprises and set up the "University-Enterprise Synergy Innovation Platform", the purpose of which is to optimise the use of talents and resources of SCM and the partner organisations. The Platform conducts joint research and seeks to realise the industrialisation of research findings so as to promote innovative Chinese medicine research and foster the development of Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry.


Dean Prof Lyu Aiping.jpg

Professor Lyu Aiping

Dean, School of Chinese MedicineDr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong Endowed Chair of Chinese Medicine

Message from the Dean

The School of Chinese Medicine values both inheritance and innovation, and makes full use of modern technologies to foster the innovative development of Chinese medicine.  After two decades of hard work, the School has established itself as the leading institution in Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, exuding strength and excellence in education, research, clinical service and knowledge transfer.  We are proud to have nurtured a myriad of Chinese medicine professionals and research talents who are now part of the regional and global efforts to expedite the development, standardisation, modernisation and internationalisation of Chinese medicine.


SCM has made remarkable achievements in scientific research in recent years. In addition to winning a large number of research grants from HKBU, the HKSAR Government and the mainland Government, our experts publish frequently in academic journals with high impact factor. The School has also made considerable progress in terms of the number of patent applications filed and patents granted. All in all, it has attained a leading position in the field of Chinese medicine research in Hong Kong.


Looking ahead, SCM will continue to work hard and scale new heights in the research field of innovative drug discovery and development based on Chinese medicine.


Professor Lyu Aiping

Dean, School of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong Endowed Chair of Chinese Medicine

Faculty Niche Research Area

Echoing the University’s Strategic Plan 2018-2028 to focus on innovative, interdisciplinary and theme-based research, SCM has endeavoured to strengthen its research in the niche area of “Innovative Drug Discovery and Development based on Chinese Medicines” by engaging experts in a wide range of disciplines and focusing its efforts and resources on three key research areas:


  • Precision medicine and phenomics;
  • Translational medicine and innovative drug discovery; and
  • Authentication and testing of Chinese medicines.

Research Centre/Institute

In line with its focuses and to strengthen the impact on society, the School has established 12 research centres/institutes since its founding:


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