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Tin Ka Ping Foundation – HKBU Mainland China Visiting Scholars Programme

  • This programme aims to cement ties between HKBU and Mainland tertiary institutions by supporting teaching and research activities undertaken by Mainland scholars at HKBU. With sponsorships provided by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, HKBU invites 8-12 mainland scholars to give talks and conduct other academic activities on its campus each year.

K. C. Wong Education Foundation – HKBU Mainland China Visiting Scholars Programme

  • This programme seeks to promote academic exchange and collaboration between HKBU and institutions of higher learning on the Mainland and contribute to staff development efforts of these institutions. Every year HKBU invites maximum five mainland scholars in the fields of business, Chinese medicine and science to conduct academic exchange activities on its campus.

Dr. Hung Hin Shiu Development Fund

  • This Fund supports the operation, research development and academic exchange activities of the Institute, including (a) public lecture series on creativity delivered by Nobel Prize winners or world-class scholars; (b) renowned Scholars-in-Residence Scheme; and (c) interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research projects.

HKBU Visiting Fellowship Scheme

  • This Scheme incorporates four visiting professorship schemes and aims to offer opportunities for HKBU academics and students to interact with world-class scholars, to provide a knowledge exchange platform to the Hong Kong community and to establish long-term collaboration among local and overseas scholars, strengthening HKBU’s status in the international academic arena.