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Featured Researchers

Dr. Chen I-Ling

Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Associate Director of Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage

Dr. Chen I-Ling



Dr. Chen’s expertise of cross-cultural studies in East Asian has led to a prolific output of research work that has earned her recognition for excellent achievement. Her Ph.D. dissertation, entitled “A Study of Joseon Scholars’ Cognition and Criticism on Gu Wen Shang Shu (『古文尙書』에 대한 朝鮮時代 학자들의 認識과 考辨)” was recognized by the Korean academic establishment, helping her secure the Korea University Doctoral Dissertation Award of the year (월암학술상Weolam Scholarship Award 2016) and the First Prize in the Korean Doctoral Awards (모하실학논문상Moha Silhak Thesis Award 2019). She is the first foreign female scholar to win the first prize in the Korean Doctoral Awards. In terms of cross-cultural studies between China and Korea, her thesis is the first comprehensive study of Shang Shu in both countries. Most importantly, the thesis unearths materials that to date have not been explored by academics. It provides valuable original information for researchers interested in studying Korean Shang Shu in the future.

As a junior scholar, she has published 11 refereed journal papers, 19 conference proceedings, and 16 reviews of books and digital databases. She has also edited 2 bibliographies and translated more than 10 Korean academic papers into Chinese. Her GRF funded project (2021-2023), “Criticism of Kang Youwei’s Thought on Confucianism in Late Joseon Dynasty” explores changes in the interpretation of the Confucian classics on the Korean Peninsula triggered by the influence of Kang Youwei’s philosophy.  It aims to show that in their interpretation of the Confucian classics, some of these scholars of the late Joseon era had already deviated from the methodology adopted by Chinese scholars over the previous 500 years. It also leads scholars to rediscover the unique perspectives of China’s neighboring countries and their important roles in the study of Confucian classics. Dr. Chen is currently working on her two monographs,  “Korean Confucianism and Gu Wen Shang Shu” in Korean (     《조선유학과 고문상서》     ) and in Chinese (     《朝鮮儒學與古文尙書》     )     , which      will be published in 2021 and 2022 respectively.
For the purpose of enhancing students’ learning interests, Dr. Chen applies her research findings to her teaching proactively. She is exploring the intersections between Confucianism and other disciplines, in particular the interdisciplinary studies of Classical Chinese Fiction and Cultural Communication, as well as Shang Shu in East-Asia. She reveals the transformation of Classical Chinese Fiction and Shang Shu from China to her neighboring countries, and she clarifies the characteristics of changes that have happened in these countries, especially Korea, Japan and Vietnam.


First Prize in the Korean Doctoral Awards(모하실학논문상Moha Silhak Thesis Award 2019)

Korea University Doctoral Dissertation Award of the year (월암학술상Weolam Scholarship Award 2016)

Korea University Outstanding Thesis Award (2015)


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