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Talent 100 PhD Scholarship Scheme

PhD student

The Talent 100 PhD Scholarship Scheme was launched in 2020 with an aim to enhance the University’s research capacity and provide comprehensive and practical doctoral training, in particular interdisciplinary research training.


Students admitted under the Scheme will be hosted under the Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies (ITS). During the first year of study under the 4-year PhD programme, students will be involved in individual interdisciplinary research projects which allow them to be exposed to different research areas. Apart from research knowledge, the project-based doctoral research training also aims to enhance students’ language, writing, presentation and analytical skills as well as other soft skills, which will lay a solid foundation for the students’ future research journey. 


The University is inviting applications for the Talent 100 PhD Scholarship Scheme in 2024/25. Interested applicants please refer to the Graduate School’s website for the eligibility, tuition fee and application procedures. For enquiries, please email to



Sharing from Supervisors of the Talent 100 PhD Scholarship Scheme


Prof Ken Yung

Professor Ken Yung

Department of Biology

Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies (ITS) provides me with a nice platform to train research postgraduate student.  My student under IIS has been exposing to a broad range of knowledge and ideas, as she interacts with students and teachers from different research areas in tailor-made courses and seminars. We often conclude inspiring and interesting ideas after discussion and debate on some latest scientific topics.  She started her individual research project with the support from IIS. I expect she will progress her project in novel and innovative approach in the near future.


Dr Song

Professor Celine Song

Department of Journalism

What a joy supervising Talent 100 PhD students. It is essentially a feeling of joy when I witness the diversity of growth in these students and their joy in studying multiple disciplines. I shared with them the specialized knowledge from my field and tailored a variety of problem-based learning projects to their aims. Most fields look at parts of the world, but there is something much more appealing, that is to step back and see how things connect in an interdisciplinary way. The beauty of this Scheme is to train these students to engage with a range of complex issues through innovative transdisciplinary research and curricula.