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HKBU Life Science Imaging Centre


The University has procured a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility (model: MAGNETOM Prisma1) as a major research infrastructure or central research facility to promote individual and collaborative research on transdisciplinary neuroscience studies. The system is equipped with:


  • high gradient performance (80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s simultaneously, on all three axes) with an ultra-high-performance cooling system and force-compensated design for reduced vibrations;
  • fully dynamic parallel transmit with TimTX TrueShape
  • Tim 4G RF system with 48, 64, or 128 independent channels for faster imaging and higher SNR
  • new UltraFlex 18 coils and Tim 4G coil technology


Please click here to visit the supplier's website for the specification details.

Our Team

Management Committee

 ZHOU Chang Song

Prof ZHOU Chang Song


Head and Professor, Department of Physics


Dr YU Rongjun

Executive Director

Associate Professor, Department of Management, Marketing, and Information Systems

Job Openings

  • Radiographers (Please click here for the job description)
  • Research Assistant/Technician (Please click here for the job description)
  • Research Associate/Scientific Officer (Please click here for the job description)
  • Research Scientist (Please click here for the job description


Date and TimeVenueTopicSpeakerRegister
30 May, 2023 (Tuesday) 16:00-17:30OEE1017, HSH Campus

From data to modelling: Exploration at the whole brain scale with possible clinical applications

Prof. Jianfeng Feng, 

Chair professor, Shanghai National Centre for Mathematic Sciences

Dean, Brain-inspired AI Institute, Fudan University

Dean, School of Data Science, Fudan University

Register Here
25 May, 2023 (Thursday) 10:00-11:00WLB205, Shaw Campus

Exploring the Influence of Echo Time on Functional and Diffusion MRI using a High-Performance Gradient MR Scanner

Prof. Hongjian He, School of Physics, Center for Brain Imaging Science and Technology, Zhejiang University/
18 April, 2023 (Tuesday) 10:00-11:00WLB109, Shaw CampusWindow to Understanding Brain Networks and Functions through Optogenetic Functional MRI (fMRI)Dr. Alex Tze Lun Leong, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong/