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HKBU Distinguished Lecture: Big Health Industry: Before and Beyond Medicine


29Sep 2022

4:00-5:00 pm

  • Zoom
  • Prof. Jun Wang, founder and CEO of GeneHarbor Biotechnologies


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29Sep 2022


Competition for an Exclusivity of a Superior Input and Implications for Quality: With Implications for Digital Platforms

  • Zoom
  • Prof. Özlem BEDRE-DEFOLIE from European School of Management and Technology

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29Sep 2022


Law, Justice, and Empire in Comparative Perspective Series: “Law and Morality in Early China and the Roman Empire”

  • Zoom
  • Prof. Tongdong Bai, Professor of Philosophy, Fudan University Prof. Benjamin Straumann, ERC Professor of History at the University of Zurich and Research Professor of Classics at New York University