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Second Hong Kong Baptist University International Conference on Interpreting


08Apr 2021

Full day

09Apr 2021

  • Dr. Wu Yee Sun Lecture Theatre (WLB109), Shaw Campus, HKBU
  • 1) Dr. Adolfo GARCÍA (Cognitive Neuroscience Center, UdeSA, Argentina; Global Brain Health Institute, UCSF, USA); 2) Dr. Brooke MACNAMARA (Case Western Reserve University, USA)



Cognitive approaches to studying interpreting have been one of the main streams of research in Interpreting Studies since the 1970s. Recently, as new perspectives continue to form and new methodologies continue to be adopted and as a result of increasing inter-disciplinary cross-pollination, the field of Interpreting Studies has seen a resurgence of cognition-related research, not only in spoken language interpreting, but also in signed language interpreting. Riding on this exciting new wave and continuing our tradition of having a targeted theme, we aspire to use this platform to bring together top and promising scholars in both spoken language interpreting and signed language interpreting to Hong Kong.


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