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15Apr 2020

Full Day

15Jun 2020


During the coronavirus pandemic, many exhibition activities have been cancelled or rescheduled and majority of activities are switched to online platforms which is a great challenge for art education and the cultural sector. To encourage social distancing and provide activities for artists affected by the closure of facilities and spaces, members from the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) initiated the “Stay Home Stay Art” project in April on a social media platform ( and for students, staff, and alumni of AVA to share their works and lives during the coronavirus pandemic. It is believed that artists could use art to bring alternative views to the world.


The project uses artistic creation as a way to record experiences of and feelings about the epidemic, bringing creative energy and enabling society to reflect the pandemic and bring about small changes. It also allows participating artists to experiment with various display methods, interactions with the audience and crucially how such platform could foster new mode of art creation in the digital age.