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Online Sinology Fortnightly: The Ideological construction of the Tangut XiXia ruling class and the relationship between Confucianism and Buddhism


19Aug 2022


  • Zoom
  • Dr. Lam Ho Yin, Alfred


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19Aug 2022


Baptist-Monash-NTU Workshop on the Digital Economy

  • Zoom
  • Prof. Zhijun CHEN, Monash University; Prof. Chien-Chiang WANG, National Taiwan University; Prof. Kim-Sau CHUNG, HBU

Next Event

23Aug 2022

09:00 - 10:00

AI Model Inspector: Towards Holistic Adversarial Robustness for Deep Learning

  • Zoom
  • Dr. Pin-Yu Chen, Principal Research Scientist, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA