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Our application projects are designed to test the hypothesis that the convergence of arts and technology has the potential to radically change how humans create, receive, and respond to arts and culture and to investigate the potential of AI to augment human creativity, and to enhance the audience’s experience for widespread cultural and economic impacts.




Super AI Artist

Leveraging the comprehensive art data repository and the new generative AI Algorithm models in this project, we will employ our novel AI technology to launch the world’s first “Combined Hong Kong Music and Art Biennale,” which will host multidisciplinary musical works, media, and installation arts specially conceived and created by human-AI teams. 


Shared Mind and Empathetic AI

This application project will focus on the role of the collective experience through a series of music performances that facilitate three-way collaborative experience between performers, audience, and machines to interact, assimilate, and communicate. This development will explore the potential of various roles of humans within the creative loop. 



Symbiotic Opera

Opera is considered a genre that embraces all disciplines of the art, and it provides an ideal framework to test and widely disseminate the results of our investigations. This project will apply the XR-based manifestation technologies for an all-encompassing opera production, which will allow us to test to what extent technologies can enhance and transform the traditional form of western operatic genre into a new multi-modal experience for both the performers and audience.