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Highlighted Projects on COVID-19

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic of COVID-19, HKBU has been striving to make timely contributions to help relieve the situation by rolling out various programmes and projects. Click to browse the following to explore the features and more details of each significant initiative of the University. 


Combating COVID-19: Hindsight 20/20?

As the first project responding to the pandemic, "Combating COVID-19: Hindsight 20/20?" aims to assemble cross-disciplinary research efforts tackle the pressing issues, to exchange insights and knowledge and to make impact with five themes: Control the Infection and Spread, Finding a Cure, Interacting with Society, Policy Research, and Media's Role During COVID-19.


Combating COVID-19 in Hong Kong

Afterwards, to cope with the fifth surge of the pandemic, three teams of interdisciplinary scholars from Communication, Computer Science, Public Health and Chinese Medicine of the University called for new initiatives and strategies to identify and address possible blind spots in the city’s coping strategies. A number of research projects have been published to provide guidelines on how to increase the reach of the evidence-based information, clarify misinformation related to the pandemic, and promote public support for COVID-19 prevention policies. 

Furthermore, a unique rehabilitation programme named “Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme for COVID-19” has been launched to evaluate how could exercising and Chinese herbal medicine help with the patients’ virus-induced chronic conditions, quality of life and mental health well-being. The programme comprises 12 weeks of cardiorespiratory exercise and/or Chinese medicine treatment, 12-week follow up and 3 rounds of functional assessments, blood, urine and fecal tests for free.