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HKBU launches new website and video to exhibit the University’s interdisciplinary research endeavours

IR Website
Interdisciplinary Research Website

Hong Kong Baptist University announces the launch of the brand new Interdisciplinary Research (IR) Website ( and a new video titled Interdisciplinary Research at HKBU.


The IR Website is an enrichment to the existing Research Website that offers viewers a vivid glance of the burgeoning field of interdisciplinary research endeavours at HKBU. It aims to give users a visually impactful experience in discovering the exciting interdisciplinary projects and collaborative efforts underway across multiple faculties, schools and departments.


The IR Video, filmed with the participation of HKBU’s scholars and researchers from different disciplines, captures HKBU’s aspirations, niches and insight in fostering interdisciplinary research, and extending the knowledge frontiers to address global challenges.



Interdisciplinary Research at HKBU