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In 2013 the Academy of Visual Arts established the Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts (CRDVA) to supplement and strengthen cultural strategies in Hong Kong and East Asia and address challenges to the sector, in particular, the effects of the shortage of venues and the lack of accessibility to art education in secondary schools.

Working in collaboration with key government departments and arts organisations in Hong Kong and internationally, CRDVA researchers create innovative exhibitions and projects for art biennales, festivals, cultural venues, historical sites, and public spaces to increase accessibility to the arts and to reach and engage wider audiences in the participation and appreciation of visual art.  In addition, CRDVA researchers work together with a close network of artists and secondary schools to deliver impactful projects that support students and audiences to gain a better understanding of self and society through visual arts education. 


In the past six years, CRDVA has utilised over HK$35 million of funding for the development and dissemination of this research, and for delivering social, environmental and economic impact in the creative and cultural sector. CRDVA supports a wide spectrum of related public art and art education projects, including an extensive programme of international exhibitions, conferences, publications, artist residencies, workshops, and research presentations.