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The Faculty of Arts has a thriving culture of community engagement and established pathways for delivering research-led impact in education, public policy, cultural life, and cultural production. Our impact efforts reflect new directions and a continuous commitment to benefiting various strata of society through art’s unique power to transform. Our range of departmental disciplines and work in both traditional and practice-led research enables us to achieve tangible impact in a wide scope of non-academic areas, from education and public policy to religion, arts and social advocacy, and cultural life. These efforts benefit user groups across the social spectrum, including:


  • Educators, community practitioners, and policymakers
  • Pre-tertiary students and lifelong learners
  • Governmental bodies and non-governmental agencies 
  • Religious and healthcare organisations
  • Underserved or underrepresented groups and communities
  • Social activists and service providers
  • Performers
  • Cultural producers 
  • Literary, film, art, and music audiences


The Faculty of Arts strategies sustainably generate, manage, and evidence impact equitably among all departments, faculty members, and research postgraduate students by linking research impact to every type of output. The extensive scope of publications, workshops, consultancies, advisories, festivals, commissions, exhibitions, performances, media outreach, recordings, and films are all pathways to impact that could not take place without supportive institutional frameworks. Our growing pool of case studies highlight faculty achievements in forming artistic networks and external partnerships that draw upon our cross-cultural environment for text-based scholarship and optimise our practice-led research impact.