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The School of Chinese Medicine is devoted to fostering multi-disciplinary and innovative research based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and it aims to translate its inventions into clinical applications that benefit society and the public healthcare system. In view of this, the School has identified three Niche Research Areas: (i) precision medicine and phenomics; (ii) authentication and standardisation of Chinese medicine; and (iii) translational medicine and innovative drug discovery. The School is confident that it can make an impactful contribution to society through these areas. 


The academics of the School are engaged in studies on the causes and methods of treating different kinds of diseases, including cancer, bone and joint disorders, gastrointestinal diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, by integrating Chinese medicine theories and clinical experience with new technologies from different scientific disciplines. With their clinical findings, the School’s research teams have built up the TCM evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and developed clinical pathways in both Chinese medicine and integrative medicine, which will ultimately facilitate the operation of Chinese medicine hospitals. In addition, with an aim to promote the standardisation of Chinese medicines, the School has demonstrated the capability and capacity to support the development of innovative quality control and standardisation methods for Chinese medicines.