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With the concerted collaborations of our School of Chinese Medicine and Faculty of Science (including the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science), the Computational Medicine Lab will be spearheaded as a locally and nationally top-tier new drug research and development base, driven by Traditional Chinese Medicine research. Integrating advanced technologies of data science and information science, and the basis of Biomedicine and Chemistry, the Lab promises to build up a comprehensive and profound Chinese medicine data assets par excellence, and become the world’s second-to-none authoritative knowledge base on TCM-based modern therapeutics and new drug discovery. With the University's advantaged research in this field, we will recruit research elites, aiming to make major scientific research achievements on knowledge bases for Chinese medicine, such as the Data Encyclopedia & Molecular Compendium of Materia Medica, and synergistic mechanisms of traditional Chinese Medicine compounds, within the coming three years. We will also strive to build up a state-of-the-art TCM-based new drug innovative industry base in the Greater Bay Area, powering forward knowledge transfers, and fostering a best-in-class innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem at HKBU.


Lab Members

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Laboratory Search Committee

Joint Chairs:


  • Prof. Aiping LYU, Dean, School of Chinese Medicine
  • Prof. Jiming LIU, Dean, Faculty of Science




  • Prof. Zhaoxiang BIAN (Chinese Medicine)
  • Prof. Pong Chi YUEN (Computer Science)
  • Prof. Ken YUNG (Biology)
  • Prof. Hongjie ZHANG (Chinese Medicine)
  • Dr. Shi Ping ZHANG (Chinese Medicine)



  1. “New Drug Discovery for Aging-associated Neurodegenerative Disorders-Parkinson's Disease”, PI: Prof. Min Li (SCM), Co-Is: Dr. Allen Cheung (BIOL), Dr. Edmond Ma (CHEM), Dr. Ken Leung (CHEM), Dr. King Ho Cheung (SCM), Dr. Chuanbin Yang (External), Dr. Juxian Song (External)
  2. “Detecting the Tipping Points from Inflammation to Tumorigenesis using a Multi-level Network Modeling Approach”, PI: Dr. William Cheung (COMP), Co-Is: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM), Prof. Jiming Liu (COMP), Dr. Liang Lan (COMP), Dr. Lu Zhang (COMP), Dr. Daogang Guang (External)
  3. “Specific Differentiation of Dopamine Neurons with Minimal Usage of Growth Factors to Develop Cell Replacement Therapy of Parkinson's Disease”, PI: Prof. Ken Yung (BIOL), Co-Is: Dr. Zhifeng Huang (PHYS), Dr. Stephen Sze (BIOL)
  4. “From Early Detection, Diagnostics to Therapeutics of Alzheimer’s Disease”, PI: Prof. Ricky M. S. Wong (CHEM), Co-Is: Dr. Hung Wing Li (CHEM), Prof. Min Li (SCM), Dr. Ashok Iyaswamy (SCM)
  5. “A High-resolution Global Metagenome Catalog from Uncultured Human Gut Microbiota”, PI: Dr. Lu Zhang (COMP), Co-Is: Prof. Zhaoxiang Bian (SCM), Prof. Xiaodong Fang (External)
  6.  “Chinese Herbal Drug Interaction”, PI: Prof. Zhaoxiang Bian (SCM), Co-I: Prof. Pong Chi Yuen (COMP)
  7.  “Research and development of triptolide-aptamer drug”, PI: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM)
  8. “Toward Targeted Therapy in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: A Smart Triptolide-Nucleolin Aptamer Conjugate”, PI: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM)
  9. “Does aberrantly overexpressed CKIP-1 suppress osteoblast-mediated articular bone repair”, PI: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM), Co-Is: Dr. Xiaojuan He (External), Prof. Ge Zhang (SCM), Prof. Lingqiang Zhang (External)
  10. “Molecular mechanisms of obesity with Chinese medicine pattern of phlegm-dampness and its changes on hypertension”, PI: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM), Co-Is: Dr. Fangfei Li (SCM), Dr. Biao Liu (External), Dr. Bing He (External), Dr. Chao Liang (SCM), Dr. Jin Liu (SCM)
  11. “Onward an emerging paradigm of network medicine: An innovative platform to combinational herbs/compounds-based drug discovery for complex diseases”, PI: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM)
  12. “From precision medicine to drug discovery: osteoblast-specific inhibition of Smurf1 activity promotes bone formation in distinctive rats with age-related osteoporosis”, PI: Prof. Ge Zhang (SCM), Co-I: Dr. Chao Liang (SCM)
  13. “Functional Role of Plekho1 within osteoblast in regulating BMP signaling and bone formation during age-related osteoporosis development in both genders: from molecular mechanism to translational therapeutics”, PI: Prof. Ge Zhang (SCM), Co-I: Dr. Baoting Zhang (External)
  14. “Targeting sclerostin to reverse established osteoporosis: Aptamer characterization and evaluation for drug discovery”, PI: Prof. Ge Zhang (SCM), Co-Is: Dr. Chao Liang (SCM), Dr. Yuanyuan Yu (SCM)
  15. “To elucidate the anti-ebola potency of the active leads discovered based on the diversified plants in Lingnan region of China”, PI: Prof. Hongjie Zhang (SCM), Co-Is: Prof. Zhongzhen Zhao (SCM), Dr. Hailong Zhu (SCM)
  16. “Ent-kaurene analogs for control of colorectal carcinoma progression and metastasis”, PI: Prof. Hongjie Zhang (SCM), Co-Is: Dr. Zhizhan Gu (SCM), Prof. Zhongzhen Zhao (SCM)
  17. “Functional analysis of Corynoxine B in promoting autophagy and protecting neurons”, PI: Prof. Min Li (SCM), Co-I: Prof. Long Ma (External)
  18. “Understanding the molecular mechanisms of Corynoxine B in promoting autophagy and neuroprotection: Targeting HMGB1-Beclin 1 interaction”, PI: Prof. Min Li (SCM), Co-Is: Prof. Zhenyu Yue (External), Prof. Yanxiang Zhao (External)
  19. “Study of a novel TFEB activator on attenuating Tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease”, PI: Prof. Min Li (SCM), Co-Is: Dr. Juxian Song (External), Prof. Joan Zhong Zuo (External)
  20. “Electrophysiological Characterization of the Two-Pore Channel 2”, PI: Dr. King Ho Cheung (SCM)
  21.  “基於大數據和人工智能的中醫藥知識體系分析及自動化藥方生成及推薦”, PI: Prof. Lei Han Tang (PHYS), Co-Is: Prof. Aiping Lyu (SCM), Dr. Liang Tian (PHYS)
  22. “Joint Embedding of Sequential Data and Knowledge Graphs with application to Predictive Analytics in Healthcare”, PI: Dr. William Cheung (COMP), Co-Is: Dr. Benjamin Chin Ming Fung (External), Dr. Jonathan Amias Poon (External)
  23. “A Temporal Tensor Factorization Framework for Phenotyping and Dynamic Patient Representation Learning Using Multi-Modal EHR Data”, PI: Dr. William Cheung (COMP), Co-Is: Dr. Benjamin Chin Ming Fung (External), Dr. Jonathan Amias Poon (External)