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Dr Bryan Chung

Associate Professor
Academy of Visual Arts

Dr Bryan Chung



Dr Bryan Chung became an Associate Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017. He received his BA in Computer Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, his MA in Interactive Multimedia from the University of the Arts, London and, in 2011, his Doctorate in Fine Arts from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. His work has been widely published and received many awards, including Artist of the Year (Media Art) in the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016, and the Grand Prize at the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival 2016, Art Division. 


Dr Chung is an interactive media artist and design consultant. Data is the major medium and coding is the primary artistic practice for Dr Chung. His primary research investigates the creative appropriation of computing technologies, such as computer vision and machine learning, applying them to the production of media artworks. Dr Chung's research outcomes include open source software that can be effectively integrated into the production process of art making by other artists as a learning resource.


Dr Chung’s work has been featured in numerous international arts festivals and exhibitions. His artworks have been exhibited at the World Wide Video Festival, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival and the China Media Art Festival. At the Shanghai Expo 2010, he provided design consultancy to various industry partners from Hong Kong and Mainland China. 


In 2014, Dr Chung developed a new 3D depth-sensing software library, Kinect4WinSDK, for the Microsoft Kinect camera in the open source programming platform, Processing. He is the author of the book, Multimedia Programming with Pure Data (Packt Publishing, 2013). At the Academy of Visual Arts, Dr Chung teaches subjects related to interactive arts, computer graphics and multimedia.



  • Artist of the Year, Media Arts, Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016, Hong Kong Arts Development Council
  • Grand Prize award, Art Division, 19th Japan Media Art Festival (2015)
  • Media Kam Fan Award winner with the McCann World Group, DBIS Interactive for the Coca-Cola's Happy Whistling Machine interactive advertising campaign (2008-2009)


Research Outputs

  • Chung WC Bryan. Pro Processing Images and Computer Vision with OpenCV. NY: Apress, Springer, Oct 2017.
  • Choi, WY Kimburley, Chung WC Bryan. “Engaged critical browsing: Hong Kong home culture presented in hypermedia.” Qualitative Research, Sage Journals (2017).
  • Chung WC Bryan. Multimedia Programming with Pure Data. UK: Packt Publishing, July 2013.
  • Chung WC Bryan. “Young People (1972)” World Film Locations Hong Kong. UK: Intellect, 2013.