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Professor Christy Cheung

Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
School of Business

Professor Christy Cheung



Professor Christy Cheung has been working on a sustainable research programme, “Technology Use and Well-Being”, comprising a series of projects and papers aligned with her research and teaching interests. 


  1. Online Harassment on Social Media

With her research expertise and experience in user behaviour on social media, Professor Cheung has developed research interest in understanding users’ deviant behaviours on social media. Specifically, her team began to examine this socio-technical issue in 2015. There are two main streams of research: the first is about the participant roles in online harassment on social media. She has been publishing papers related to the motivation to bully, the coping strategies of victims, and bystanders’ joining-in behaviours. The second stream examines the prevention and intervention strategies of online harassment. She is currently developing the second stream of research, with a focus on how technology design prevents and mitigates online harassment on social media.  


  1. Technology Addiction

The scientific understanding of technology addiction is still evolving, and Professor Cheung has developed two research streams addressing issues such as a theoretical explanation of the formation of technology addiction and prevention and intervention strategies. Similar to the first research programme, most of her published works deal with the formation of technology addiction. She is currently looking at prevention and intervention strategies for technology addiction. 


  1. Collective Behaviour

Collective action enabled by social networking technologies has long been a research interest for Professor Cheung. Most of her works look at how technologies facilitate users to form collective intention to act together (that is, collaboration, sharing knowledge, playing online games). With more and more sophisticated destructive collective online and offline behaviours, she is developing new projects in this area to understand how technologies facilitate and intervene in collective deviant action. 


In addition to the research programme on technology use and well-being, Professor Cheung has been working on research related to electronic word-of-mouth communication, e-commerce and social commerce, adaptive and maladaptive use of technologies in the workplace, and mobile health. 



  • HKBU President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Research Supervision (2019-20)
  • HKBU Performance Award in Scholarly Work (2018-19)
  • HKBU School of Business Award for Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work (2018-19)
  • Journal of AIS “Excellence in Reviewing” Honorable Mention, 2018‚Äč
  • Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2016
  • Editor in Chief, Internet Research 2017-Current
  • President, Association of Information Systems (Hong Kong Chapter) 2017-Current
  • Google Scholar Citations: over 17,000; SCI/SCCI Citations: over 4,800


Research Outputs

  • Trang S., Trenz, M., Weiger, W., Tarafdar, M., and Cheung, C.M.K., “One App to Trace Them All? Examining App Specifications for Mass Acceptance of Contact-Tracing Apps”, European Journal of Information Systems. (In Press)
  • Lee, Z.W.Y., Cheung, C.M.K., & Chan, T.K.H., Understanding Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Addiction: A Hedonic Management Perspective. Information Systems Journal. (In Press)
  • Gong X., Cheung, C.M.K., Zhang, K.Z.K., Chen, CY, & Lee, M.K.O. “Cross-Side Network Effects, Brand Equity, and Consumer Loyalty: Evidence from Mobile Payment Market.” International Journal of Electronic Commerce (In Press)
  • Gong X., Zhang, K.Z.K., Chen, CY, Cheung, C.M.K., & Lee, M.K.O. “What Drives Trust Transfer from Web to Mobile Payment Services? The Dual Effects of Perceived Entitativity.” Information and Management (In Press)
  • Gong X., Zhang, K.Z.K., Chen, CY, Cheung, C.M.K., & Lee, M.K.O. “What Drives Self-Disclosure in Mobile Payment Applications? The Effect of Privacy Assurance Approaches, Network Externality, and Technology Complementarity.” Information Technology & People  
  • Gong X., Zhang, K.Z.K., Chen, CY, Cheung, C.M.K., & Lee, M.K.O. “Antecedents and Consequences of Excessive Online Social Gaming: A Social Learning Perspective.” Information Technology & People  33(2) (2019): 657-688
  • Gong X., Zhang, K.Z.K., Chen, CY, Cheung, C.M.K., & Lee, M.K.O. “Transition from Web to Mobile Payment Services: The Triple Effects of Status Quo Inertia.” International Journal of Information Management 50 (2019): 310-324
  • Chan, T.K.H., Cheung, C.M.K., & Wong, R.Y.M. “Cyberbullying on Social Networking Sites: The Crime Opportunity and Affordance Perspectives.” Journal of Management Information Systems 36(2) (2019): 574-609
  • Gong, X., Zhang, K.Z.K., Cheung, C.M.K., Chen, CY, & Lee, M.K.O. “Alone or Together? Exploring the Impact of Desire for Socialization on Players’ Social Game Addiction from a Dual-System Perspective.” Information and Management 56 (6) (2019)
  • Turel, O., Matt, C., Trenz, M., Cheung, C.M.K., D’Arcy, J., Qahri-Saremi, H., Tarafdar, M. “Panel report: the dark side of the digitization of the individual.” Internet Research 29(2) (2019): 274-288
  • Wenninger, H., Cheung, C.M.K., & Krasnova, H. “College-Aged Users Behavioral Strategies to Reduce Envy on Social Networking Sites: A Cross-Cultural Investigation.” Computers in Human Behavior 97 (2019): 10-23
  • Matt, C., Trenz, M., Cheung, C.M.K., & Turel, O. “The Digitization of the Individual: Conceptual Foundations and Opportunities for Research.” Electronic Markets (2019): 1-8
  • Venkatraman, S., Cheung, C.M.K., Lee, Z.W. Y., Davis, F.D., & Venkatesh, V. “The “Darth” Side of Technology Use: An Inductively Derived Typology of Cyberdeviance.” Journal of Management Information Systems 35(4) (2018): 1060-1091
  • Wong, R.Y.M., Cheung, C.M.K., & Xiao, B. “Does Gender Matter in Cyberbullying Perpetration? An Empirical Investigation.” Computers in Human Behavior 79 (2018): 247-257
  • Suh, A., Cheung, C.M.K., Ahuja, M., & Wagner, C. “Gamification in the Workplace: The Central Role of the Aesthetic Experience.” Journal of Management Information Systems 34(1) (2017): 268-305
  • Chan, T.K.H., Cheung, C.M.K., & Lee, Z.W.Y. “The State of Online Impulse Buying Research: A Literature Analysis.” Information and Management 54 (2) (2017): 204-217
  • Zheng, X., Lee, M.K.O., & Cheung, C.M.K. “Examining E-Loyalty Towards Online Shopping Platforms: The Role of Coupon Proneness and Value Consciousness.” Internet Research 27(3) (2017): 709-726
  • Chan, T.K.H., Cheung, C.M.K., Shi N., Lee, M.K.O., & Lee, Z.W.Y. “An Empirical Examination of Continuance Intention of Social Network Sites.” Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information 8(4) (2017)