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Featured Researchers

Dr Erica Xu

Associate Professor, Department of Management
Marketing and Information Systems
School of Business

Dr Erica Xu



Dr Erica Xu’s research interests include leadership, interpersonal dynamics, proactive behaviour and gender issues. Currently, she is working on several research projects that relate to voice, social comparison emotions, leader-member-exchange differentiation, team hierarchy and mistreatment in the workplace. She is also developing several new research lines that mainly focus on gender issues in the workplace.



  • HKBU School of Business Outstanding Performance Award for Young Researcher (2019-20)


Research Outputs

  • Xu, E., Huang, X., Jia, R., Xu, J., Liu, W., Graham, L., & Snape, E. “The ‘evil pleasure’: Abusive supervision and third-party observers’ malicious reactions toward victims.” Organization Science. (in press).
  • Xu, E., Huang, X., Ouyang, K., Liu, W., & Hu, S. “Tactics of speaking up: The roles of issue importance, perceived managerial openness, and managers’ positive mood.” Human Resource Management. (in press).
  • Huang, X., Chen. L., Xu, E., Lu, F., & Tai, K. “Shadow of the prince: Parent-incumbents’ coercive control over child-successors in family firms.” Administrative Science Quarterly. (in press).
  • Lu, Q., Huang, X., Bond, M. H., & Xu, E. “Committing to work at the expense of other life pursuits: The consequence of individuals’ relative centrality of work (RCW) across job types and nations differing in performance orientation.” Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. (in press).
  • *Huang, X., *Xu, E., Huang. L., & Liu, W. “Nonlinear consequences of promotive and prohibitive voice for managers’ responses: The roles of voice frequency and LMX.” Journal of Applied Psychology 103 (2018): 1101-1120. (* equal contributions).
  • *Ouyang, K., *Xu, E., Huang, X., Liu, W., & Tang. Y “Reaching the limits of reciprocity in favor exchange: The effects of generous, stingy, and matched favor giving on social status.” Journal of Applied Psychology 103 (2018): 614-630. (* equal contributions)
  • Xu, E., Huang, X., & Robinson, S. L. “When self-view is at stake: Reponses to ostracism through the lens of self-verification theory.” Journal of Management 43 (2017): 2281-2302.