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Dr Guancong Ma

Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Faculty of Science

Dr Guancong Ma



Dr Ma Guancong studies classical wave physics. His research focuses on acoustic waves and elastic waves. Topics of interest include acoustic metamaterials, elastic metamaterials, phononic crystals, wavefield shaping and non-Hermitian wave systems. He has published more than 20 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including in esteemed journals such as Nature Materials, Nature Physics, Nature Communications, Physical Review X and Physical Review Letters. He has also published a review article on acoustic metamaterials in Science Advances, and a review article on topological acoustics and mechanics in Nature Reviews Physics. Dr. Ma is awarded the NSFC Excellent Young Scientists (Hong Kong and Macau) in 2019.



  • HKBU President’s Award for Outstanding Performance as Young Researcher (2019-20)


Research Outputs

  • Xu, Changqing, Guancong Ma, Ze-Guo Chen, Jie Luo, Jinjie Shi, Yun Lai & Ying Wu. “Three-Dimensional Acoustic Double-Zero-Index Medium with a Fourfold Degenerate Dirac-like Point.” Physical Review Letters 124 (2020): 074501.
  • Ma, Guancong, Meng Xiao & Che-ting Chan. “Topological Phases in Acoustic and Mechanical Systems.” Nature Reviews Physics 1 (2019): 281-294.
  • Ding, Kun, Guancong Ma, Zhaoqing Zhang & Che-ting Chan. “Experimental Demonstration of an Anisotropic Exceptional Point.” Physical Review Letters 121 (2018): 085702.
  • Ma, Guancong, Xiying Fan, Ping Sheng & Mathias Fink. “Shaping Reverberating Sound Fields with an Actively Tunable Metasurface.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America 115.26 (2018): 6638–6643.