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Professor Mee-ping Leung

Academy of Visual Arts

Professor Mee-ping Leung



Professor Leung Mee-ping began her work at the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) in 2007 and became a Professor in 2018. She is the founder of the community art project Play Depot and became Director of AVA’s Centre for Research in the Visual Arts in 2018. She graduated from L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts with a Batchelor of Fine Arts, gained a Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts, and earned her PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009.


The research-led practice of Professor Leung includes mixed-media, installation, public art and community art. Her work integrates elements of theatre, design and social space in order to develop performances or actions that explore specific communities and the issues they are facing. The effects of globalisation, memory, ethics, visual and material culture are explored and intertwined in her research.





  • HKBU President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work (2018-19)
  • Artist of the Year (Visual Arts), Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong, China (2015)
  • HKBU Faculty/School/Academy of Visual Arts Performance Award for Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work (2010-11)
  • Outstanding Artists of 2010: Martell –NDmedia Art Salon. Selected by Martell Art Foundation in China (2010)
  • Leading Contemporary Asian Artist, ART AsiaPacific, Australia (2003)
  • Hong Kong Art Biennial Award, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong (2001)


Research Outputs

  • Leung, M.P. "A New Field: Socially Engaged Art in Hong Kong." Art as Social Interaction Timeline of Hong Kong History and Hong Kong’s Socially Engaged Art, Kai Tai Community & Research Centre. (11 Nov 2014)
  • Leung, M.P. "The Visual Arts Elements in Creative Theatre." Creative Drama and Holistic Teaching and Learning. Ch4. Hong Kong: CultaZine ltd. (July 2011): 34-49
  • LEUNG, M.P. "Reworking the Classics” without Parody –Emulation and Appropriation in Koon Wai-bong's Paintings." Reworking the Classics. Hong Kong: HK Baptist University. (Dec 2010): 221-227.
  • Leung, M.P. Painting as the Proof of Its Own Situation – Yau-Sum Lam. Solo Exhibition of Yau-sum Lam, Hong Kong: Artist Commune. (Mar 2010)
  • Leung, M.P. "A Spatial Visual Struggle between Post-97 Curation and Instigation”. ARTCO in Taiwan, Taipei: Artouch. (June 2011): 102-105.
  • Leung, M.P. "The West Kowloon Cultural District Project: The Practice of Localization in Hong Kong." Art Critique of Curation in Taiwan, Tainua: National Tainua Art University, # 43, (2010): 66-75.
  • Leung, M.P. "The Incongruity and Dislocation in 'Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial'." Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards Catalogue. Hong Kong: Leisure and Cultural Services Department. May (2010): 26-29.
  • Leung, M.P. To Sense the Pulse of Lonesome –Tong Wing-sze: Communicating between Painting and Moving Image. Solo Exhibition of Tong Wing-sze, Hong Kong: Artist Commune. Apr (2010)
  • Leung, M.P. False Public Space—In a Poetic/Private Tone, Preface article of The Debut Solo Exhibition of Silas Fong, Artist Commune, Hong Kong, Oct, 2009.
  • Leung, M.P. “The Interweaving Relationship of Hostage.” What is Possible Conference Collection, Zendi Museum, Shanghai, China, (2009 ), 23-25.
  • Leung, M.P. The 4th Europe Manifestation Biennial, Artist Journal, Taiwan, Sept, (2002):109 – 115.





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