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Featured Researchers

Professor Zhaoxiang Bian

Associate Vice-President
(Chinese Medicine Development)

Professor Zhaoxiang Bian




A leading expert in Chinese medicine clinical studies, Professor Bian Zhaoxiang has made a seminal contribution to the research of Chinese medicine in gastrointestinal diseases, such as colorectal cancer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic constipation and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which have become increasingly common. Although Western medicine has provided cures for these diseases, patients are constantly afflicted by the side effects that accompany treatment. Therefore, more and more patients are turning to Chinese medicine, which not only has proven effectiveness but also fewer side effects. 

In 2016, Professor Bian and his team found that a natural compound, “Pd-Ib”, extracted from the Chinese herb Bupleurum malconense could effectively alleviate acute ulcerative colitis. The research team was granted a US patent and expected to develop Pd-Ib into a new drug. In the same year, HKBU entered into a cooperation agreement with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and PuraPharm Corporation Ltd to develop new drugs for treating IBS. This collaboration was founded on a pioneer project between Professor Bian’s research team and the Faculty of Medicine at CUHK that had been treating IBS with Chinese medicine since 2002.


Professor Bian’s major research topics involve: 


  • Basic mechanism of visceral hyperalgesia and gastrointestinal motility disorder and its associated depression; 
  • Psychological stress and colorectal cancer; 
  • Clinical trials with Chinese medicine for digestive diseases, including IBS, IBD, functional constipation and colorectal cancer; and
  • New drug development based on Chinese herbal medicine and its active fraction for digestive diseases.




  • 2nd Award, 2018 International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine-achievement Award in Medical Science, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society, (2018) 
  • Golden Award, 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (2018)
  • Science and Technology Award (1st Class), China Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine, China (2013) 
  • Research Award (2nd Class), 4th Internal Conference of Integrated Digestive Disease, World Association of Chinese Medicine (2013) 
  • Top Ten Research Papers, China Medicinal Plants Association (2012)


    Research Outputs

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