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Funding Opportunities

The University offers an extensive range of grants and schemes to support research and creative projects.  These grants and schemes are mainly administered by the Graduate School, Knowledge Transfer Office, Institute of Creativity and Mainland Development Office.  Click on the following blocks to learn more about HKBU’s extensive opportunities for researchers:


Highlights of the University's funding opportunities:  


HKBU Visiting Fund

Tin Ka Ping Foundation –  HKBU Mainland China Visiting Scholars Programme

  • This programme aims to cement ties between HKBU and Mainland tertiary institutions by supporting teaching and research activities undertaken by Mainland scholars at HKBU. With sponsorships provided by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, HKBU invites at least five mainland scholars to give talks and conduct other academic activities on its campus each year.

K. C. Wong Education Foundation – HKBU Mainland China Visiting  Scholars Scholars 

  • This programme seeks to promote academic exchange and collaboration between HKBU and institutions of higher learning on the Mainland and contribute to staff development efforts of these institutions. Maximum five scholars and one postdoc are invited each year in the fields of business, Chinese medicine and science to HKBU.

Dr. Hung Hin Shiu Development Fund

  • This Fund supports the operation, research development and academic exchange activities of the Institute, including (a) public lecture series on creativity delivered by Nobel Prize winners or world-class scholars; (b) IoC Distinguished Visitor Program; and (c) IoC Visiting Fellowship Scheme.

Dr. Kennedy Y. H. Wong Distinguished Visiting Professorship Scheme

  • The Scheme aims at promoting international academic exchange and strengthening HKBU’s status in the international academic community. HKBU invites renowned scholars to the campus for enhancement of academic exchange/collaboration with our researchers and sharing of wisdom with students.

University Fellowship Programme Supported by Sir Run Run Shaw Endowment Fund

  • The Programme is to strengthen and enhance research and teaching, and to foster research collaboration among local and overseas scholars. Appointed University Fellows are expected to engage in research and other scholarly activities, jointly with colleagues of the University if possible, and to conduct public lectures in their areas of specialisation.
Funding opportunities for HKBU staff

Research Matching Grant Scheme

  • The Government has earmarked $3 billion as government matching grants under the RMGS. The operation period of the Scheme is a period of three years from 1 Aug 2019 to 31 Jul 2022. The RMGS will cover the 8 UGC-funded universities (including their self-financing arms/ units) and 13 local self-financing degree-awarding institutions.

Matching Proof-of- Concept Fund (MPCF)

  • MPCF aims to facilitate academic staff to demonstrate the industrial potentials of their inventions and technologies, as well as to undergo proper IPR management for effective knowledge transfer to local and regional industries. MPCF operates on a three-dollar-to-one (3:1) cash-matching basis up to the maximum funding cap per project -- HK$200,000 in total per project.

Strategic Patent Fund (SPF)

  • In order to have good protection of the IPRs of HKBU inventions within the constraint of limited funding resources of the respective academic unit, SPF has been established with the support of the Innovation and Technology Fund.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund (KTP Fund)

  • KTP is one of the engagement strategies for HKBU academics to commit in signature partnerships with the wider community. It involves collaboration between academics (e.g. professors and researchers), external partners (e.g. associations, NGOs), and the respective community being served.

Research Impact Support and Enhancement Fund (RISE Fund)

  • The aims of RISE Fund are to support project investigators in the process of developing far reaching and significant research impact, and to enhance the reach and significance of existing impact.

K. C. Wong Education Foundation Academic Lecture Sponsorship Scheme

  • The programme provides faculty members of selected institutions in Hong Kong and Macao with sponsorships to give lectures at Mainland institutions. The disciplines covered include humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, medicine, agriculture and aesthetics.

Funding of IoC Events/Activities/Projects supported by the Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation Limited

  • The Institute of Creativity (IoC) offers a unique platform for international academic exchange by promoting interdisciplinary research and theme-based research, and supporting creative initiatives for the benefit of our community. Faculty/School/AVA can submit requests for funding of events/activities/projects in line with the Institute’s objectives.
Highlights of Research Grants Council (RGC) Funding Schemes 

Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS)

  • To focus academic research efforts of the UGC-funded universities on themes of strategic importance to the long-term development of Hong Kong. Research themes include: 1) Promoting Good Health, 2) Developing a Sustainable Environment and 3) Enhancing Hong Kong's Strategic Position as a Regional and International Business Centre.

Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)

  • Group Research Grant: To encourage research groups in UGC-funded universities to engage in collaborative research across disciplines and universities. Equipment Grant: To enable the acquisition of major research facilities or equipment including major library acquisition for research which cannot otherwise be afforded by one university and which can be used for collaborative research.

RGC Research Fellow Scheme (RFS) / RGC Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS)

  • Government funding has been reserved for the RGC's RFS and SRFS on a regular yearly basis to provide sustained support to exceptionally outstanding academics in UGC-funded universities to facilitate their research efforts and promote research excellence. The target group of RFS and SRFS are stellar researchers at Associate Professor rank and Professor rank respectively.
Highlights of Funding Provided by Other Government Executive Arms

Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF)

  • The Fund invites applications for investigator-initiated research projects and health promotion projects to support health and medical research, research infrastructure, research capacity building initiatives and evidence-based health promotion projects.

Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (PICO)

  • The Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) and Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Schemes are dedicated to fostering and supporting public policy research in Hong Kong. Both Schemes aim to promote public policy research and evidence-based research to facilitate public policy discussion. Specifically, the SPPR Funding Scheme aims to support longer-term public policy research on strategic themes, build up research capacity and facilitate collaboration among institutions/think tanks on the strategic themes.
HKBU Internal Funding

Initiation Grant for Faculty Niche Research Areas

  • The Grant is to support Faculties/ Schools/ AVA to build high-impact research in their respective niche research areas and to foster interdisciplinary research collaboration among faculties where appropriate.

Start-up Grant (Tier 1 & 2)

  • HKBU provides funding support to new academic staff for their development and implementation of research initiatives. Newly joined academics from the rank of Chair Professor to Research Assistant Professor would receive Tier 1 Start-up Grant. Tier 2 Start-up Grant is also made available if extra funding is needed. 
Mainland Schemes

National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) - Young Scientists Project

  • NSFC offers a range of funding schemes to fulfil its mission of supporting basic research, fostering talented researchers, developing international cooperation and promoting socio-economic development. This particular Scheme supports young scientists, who are under the age of 35 (male) or 40 (female), to freely choose their research topics within the funding scope of NSFC to conduct basic research. The funding period is up to 3 years in a variety of disciplines which include: Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering and Materials Sciences, Information Sciences, Management Sciences and Health Sciences.

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) - National Key R&D Programmes

  • This category of programmes supports R&D in areas of social welfare and people’s livelihood, such as agriculture, energy and resources, environment, and health. These programmes focus on key and strategic technologies, featuring several well-targeted and defined objectives and deliverables, to be achieved in a period ranging from three to five years. They also reflect a top-down and industry-university-research cooperation design which integrates basic research, technology application, demonstration and commercialisation.