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Talent 100 PhD Scheme

Talent 100 PhD Scholarship Scheme

Talent 100 PhD Scheme

Talent 100 PhD Scholarship Scheme (Scheme) at the University was launched to recruit meritorious PhD students via a fast track arrangement in 2020/21. Aiming to enhance the University’s research capacity and provide comprehensive and practical doctoral training, interdisciplinary research training in particular, the University will continue to invite applications for the Scheme in 2021/22.


Students admitted under the Scheme will be hosted under the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS).  During the first year of study under the 4-year PhD programme, students will be involved in individual interdisciplinary research projects affiliated with the University’s Interdisciplinary Research Labs which allow them to be exposed to different research areas and enhance a variety of skills which are essential for conducting research, such as language, writing, presentation and analytical skills.


For interested applicants, please refer to the Graduate School’s website for the eligibility, tuition fee and application procedures.  You may also click the following hyperlinks for more information on the potential Principal Supervisors under each Interdisciplinary Research Lab:


For faculty members, please see the documents below for details of the Scheme:







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