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Arts Does Method Seminar via ZOOM: It Never Goes as Planned


26Nov 2020

16:30 - 18:00

  • ZOOM Webinar
  • Joana Hadjithomas Khalil Joreige

It never goes as planned—reality always surprises us and takes our enquiry on another path. We live in a time and in a region where the writing of history is so problematic that this problematization contaminates the forms of representations and possible narratives, even forces us to invoke other histories or disciplines, and to regularly change point of view and method. We would like in this “encounter” at HKBU to come back to some disturbing facts that shifted our gaze and troubled our research methodologies, films, and artworks. Our research, as our life, is rife with events that are stranger than fiction. We do not voluntarily seek them out, but they invariably come our way. Happenstance happens over and over again, signs stalk us, encounters keep crossing our paths. Unwittingly, we seem to invite the conditions for problematic situations not only to occur but also to recur, and they always lead us onto new adventures.