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Silencing the False: A Battle for Reality

How could you ensure what you and your friends believe is the truth? Professor Celine Song leads an interdisciplinary project combating misinformation, focusing on the perception, identification, and intervention of fake news and the spread of online misinformation in Hong Kong. Collaborating with experts across disciplines, her project evolved into a global initiative examining fact-checkers worldwide.


Professor Celine Song

  • Professor, Department of Interactive Media, School of Communication
  • Director, AI and Media Research Lab



From Haze to Hope: Address Aerosol Pollution in Asia

What if you find yourself engulfed in a dense, toxic haze? To tackle aerosol pollution, Professor Gao Meng has been focusing his research on this matter in Asia for over a decade, and improving the existing models for Asian countries which have large uncertainties in the application.


Professor Gao Meng

  • Professor, Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences





Putting Users at the Centre: A Path to Trustworthy AI Recommendations

Online shopping and entertainment platforms often provide recommendations based on your purchases/the films you viewed. Do you find them annoying or useful? Professor Chen Li established an integrated user-centred trust evaluation framework to ensure these recommender systems can be more than ads but good helping hands to aid effective decision-making in your daily life.


Professor Chen Li

  • Associate Head (Research) and Professor, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science



The Dawn of the AI Age – Detecting Facial Reenactment against Fake Videos

You might be able to identify fake videos to protect yourself from loss, but what if you appear in a fake video? Professor Cheung Yiu-ming is working out an effective method to detect facial reenactment for speaker verification, and eventually applying the resulting techniques as a countermeasure against fake videos.


Professor Cheung Yiu Ming

  • Dean, Institute for Research and Continuing Education (IRACE)
  • Chair Professor in Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science



Power the Movement to Get Kids Moving

What factors and how are they affecting your kids’ health and well-being? Besides arranging body checkups for your kids, Dr Wendy Huang has been developing a report card to let you know all about that. The report card provides a comprehensive assessment of children and adolescents’ physical activity and influencing factors (e.g. family and peers) in Hong Kong.


Dr Huang Y. J., Wendy

  • Associate Professor, Department of Sport, Physical Education and Health, Faculty of Social Sciences



Collective Brainpower – What about our Brains?

Our brain is made up of billions of tiny cells called neurons and they communicate with each other by electrical signals to help our body function. But what happens when there is an imbalance in these signals? Medical conditions such as depression and a decline in mental ability may happen, and this is where neuromodulation comes in to rebalance the brain activity and improve functions.

Professor Zhou Changsong 

  • Head and Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
  • Director, Life Science Imaging Centre


From Space to Earth: The Landing Chair

Curious about what astronauts do when they return to Earth? They must sit in a specially designed landing chair to let their bodies readjust to the Earth’s gravity after prolonged weightlessness in space, and to combat physiological reactions like intense vomiting caused by these changes. Learn more about Ms Anna Qin, one of the key persons in developing the landing chair seen at the mission completion ceremony.


Ms Qin Lai-yin Anna

  • Assistant Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, School of Creative Arts 



Seeing the Unseen – Traceable Fruit Quality Detection Technology

Ever thought of knowing instantly how sweet a fruit is at a glance? Professor Zhu Furong is offering an option with his innovation of near-infrared detection and visualising technology deploying traceable fruit quality detection, fruit authentication and Internet of Things (IoT) solution, which can also be adopted for applications in precise, rapid, and stable traceability in the produce industry and health monitoring in the future.

Professor Zhu Furong

  • Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies), Faculty of Science 
  • Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science