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Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC)

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Innovation and Technology Support Programme (Platform & Seed)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2022/23Professor Jeffrey Shaw (VA)
Professor Liu Jiming (COMP) - CO-PI
Future Cinema Systems: Next-Generation Art Technologies
2020/21Professor Yu Zhiling (SCM)Pharmacological Studies of Ginsenoside Rg3 in Treating Selective BRAF(V600E) Inhibitor-Resistant Cancers

Innovation and Technology Support Programme (Mid-stream, theme-based)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2022/23Dr Zhao Jun (BIOL)Development of Integrated Catalytic Processes for the Conversion of Waste Biomass to Hydrogen
2022/23Dr Wong Hoi Leong Xavier (SCM)Dissecting the Therapeutic Role of 3A2 Antibody for the Treatment of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
2021/22Professor Wong Ka Leung Gary (CHEM)Mid-stream Development of a New Therapeutic Inhibitor for EBV-associated Malignancies

Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme (MHKJFS)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2021/22Dr Zhang Shi Ping (SCM)Research and Development of Warm Palace Analgesic Point Stickers Based on the Modern Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2020/21Professor Chen Hubiao (SCM)Construction and Application Demonstration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Anti-Tumor Active Ingredients Screening Platform Based on Key Technology of Organ Chip
2020/21Professor Zhang Hongjie (SCM)Studies of the In Vitro and In Vivo Pharmacological Effects of Synthetic Diphyllin Glycoside Analogues and Their Druggability as Anti-HIV Drug Candidates

Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2022/23Professor Zhang Ge (SCM)
Dr Wang Luyao (SCM) - CO-PI
Development of Small-molecule Inhibitors Targeting Sclerostin Loop3 for Osteoporosis
2022/23Professor Zhao Zhongying (BIOL)
Dr Wong Ming-kin (BIOL) - CO-PI
Development of Super-Resolution Imaging and Automated Fluorescence Labeling System for Study of Abnormal Chromatin Structure
2022/23Professor Zhu Furong (PHYS)
Miss Han Jiayin (PHYS) - CO-PI
Dr Tang Yu (PHYS) - CO-PI
Miss Wang Zhuangmiao (PHYS) - CO-PI
Solution-Processable Near-Infrared Photodetectors for Imaging Applications
2021/22Dr Zhang Lu (COMP)
Dr Cheung Kwok Wai (COMP) - CO-PI
Dr Fan Jun (MATH) - CO-PI
Computational Models for Health Management System using Multi-Source Data
2018/19Dr Liang Chao (SCM)
Dr Lu Jun (CHEM) - CO-PI
Professor Lyu Aiping (SCM) - CO-PI
Professor Zhang Ge (SCM) - CO-PI
Effects of a Novel Smurf1 Inhibitor Loaded in Alginate Hydrogel on Local Bone Formation in Distinctive Age-Related Osteoporosis During Spinal Fusion

Partnership Research Programme (PRP)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2023/24Dr Xu Jun (SCM)
Mr Chan Kam Chun (SCM) - CO-PI
Dr Fang Jing (SCM) - CO-PI
Mr Zhang Weihao (SCM) - CO-PI
Professor Zhao Zhongzhen (SCM) - CO-PI
Impacts of Sulfur Fumigation on the Quality and Bioactivity of Qiyao Wan
2020/21Professor Chen Hubiao (SCM)
Dr Chen Qilei (SCM) - CO-PI
Dr Ko Ka Shun Joshua (SCM) - CO-PI
Ms Tang Yancheng (SCM) - CO-PI
Quality evaluation and production development of wild ginseng stem cell wall-broken powder
2019/20Dr Xu Jun (SCM)
Mr Lai Cheuk Hei (SCM) - CO-PI
Dr Lam Yin Ching (SCM) - CO-PI
Ms Yip Ka Man (SCM) - CO-PI
Professor Zhao Zhongzhen (SCM) - CO-PI
Dr Zhu Li Xia (SCM) - CO-PI
A Reliable Method for Inspecting Sulfur-fumigated Chinese Medicinal Materials
2019/20Dr Zhao Jun (BIOL)
Professor Wong Woon Chung (BIOL) - CO-PI
Developing a Catalytic Pyrolysis Process to Produce Diesel from Mixed Waste Plastic with Modified Magnetic Nano-clay/Ash Catalysts
2019/20Dr Kwan Hiu Yee (SCM)
Dr Zhong Lidan (SCM) - CO-PI
Development of Zanthoxylum Piperitum Mature Pericarp as Health Product to Control Body Weight
2019/20Professor Leung Sze Yin Kelvin (CHEM)
Mr Chan Yun Nam (CHEM) - CO-PI
Dr Lum Tsz Shan (CHEM) - CO-PI
High-throughput, Non-invasive Elemental Bio-monitoring Platform Based on LA-ICP-MS and LIBS Technique
2019/20Professor Yu Zhiling (SCM)
Miss Chen Yingjie (SCM) - CO-PI
Dr Jiang Ming (SCM) - CO-PI
Dr Jin Yanxia (SCM) - CO-PI
Professor Leung Sze Yin Kelvin (CHEM) - CO-PI
Miss Liu Yuxi (SCM) - CO-PI
Miss Wu Ying (SCM) - CO-PI
Research and Development of Functional Foods Based on Ganoderma Cultivated in Hong Kong 
2019/20Dr Lee Chi Sing (CHEM)
Ms Ge Siyuan (CHEM) - CO-PI
Miss Huang Ke (CHEM) - CO-PI
Mr Wang Bo (CHEM) - CO-PI
Synthesis of an Isodon Diterpenoid Library for Identification of Anti-cancer Drug Candidates