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In RAE 2020, about 16,000 research outputs involving some 4,200 eligible academic staff, 340 research impact case studies and 190 research environment submissions were assessed. According to the announcement by the UGC, about 70% of the research projects assessed were judged by international experts to be “internationally excellent” or above – 25% being “world leading” and 45% “internationally excellent”.


HKBU participated in 24 out of the 41 available Units of Assessment (UoA), with 1,154 research outputs contributed by 331 eligible academic staff, 31 research impact case studies and 24 research environment submissions. Over 90% of our UoAs have made good progress, compared to the last round (i.e., RAE 2014) as demonstrated by their overall percentage of research outputs and research environment attaining international excellent or above. Regarding the new component introduced in RAE 2020 – research impact, at least 22 (71%) impact case studies were rated as “internationally excellent” or above.


The results for overall performance, as well as separate components such as research outputs, impact and environment, for 13 Panels and 31 UoAs can be found here. These results are available for both the sector-wide assessment and individual universities.


Panel-Specific Guidelines 

To account for the differences in the nature of research across the disciplinary spectrum, Panel-specific Guidelines on Assessment Criteria and Working Methods for RAE 2020 have been developed by RAE 2020 panels. These guidelines outline the specific criteria and expectations that each panel will use to access and evaluate submissions within their respective fields. Some of the key aspects covered by these guidelines include:

  • research areas and/or sub-disciplines that are covered;
  • admissible and relevant types/forms of research outputs;
  • expectation/ consideration of metrics/citation data, double-weighting request, co-authored/co-produced outputs, non-traditional outputs, etc.;
  • range and examples of impacts, and that evidence/ indicators for impact;
  • weighting to be attached to individual aspects regarding research environment; and more.


Impact Submissions

All impact overview statements and impact case studies as submitted by universities organized by Panel and by Unit of Assessment were available here. The RAE2020 Impact Case Studies Database has also been established, allowing users to search for impact case studies based on specific metadata fields, text or keywords.


An estimation of the rating of each impact case study submitted by HKBU in RAE 2020 is available, please contact us for details.


RAE 2020 Questions and Answers (Q&As)

Questions and Answers (Q&As) for RAE 2020 can be viewed here. This document provides supplementary information concerning the RAE 2020 in general as well as the submissions and assessment process of the exercise.


Panel Membership

Panel membership for the 13 panels of RAE 2020 can be accessed here. Reaching out to Convenors, Deputy Convenors and Panel Members for their expertise and experience when preparing for next exercise is highly recommended.


Videos on Panel Performance 

Videos featuring the convenors of each panel of RAE 2020 can be found here. These videos highlight the assessment criteria used by panel members and provide recommendations for improvement.