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Quick Access: Environment and Ecology Bureau – Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF)/ MTR Academy – MTR Research Funding (MRF) Scheme (MRFS)


Environment and Ecology Bureau – Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2023/24Professor Zhao Zhongyin (BIOL)Initial Sampling of Terrestrial Nematodes in Hong Kong Country Parks and Streets to Assess Their Biodiversity and Potential as An Indicator for Soil Health
2023/24Dr Hu Di (CHEM)Spatiotemporal Contamination Profiles, Sources, and Solubility-integrated Source-specific Health Risks of PM2.5-Bound Trace Metals in Two GBA Megacities
2023/24Dr Nirakar Pradhan (BIOL)Unlocking the Protein Degradation Potential During Anaerobic Co-digestion of Food Waste and Livestock Manure: Insights from Microbial Communities
2022/23Dr Zhao Jun (BIOL)Advanced Processing of Food Waste Digestate for Hydrogen Production and Nutrients Recovery Based on Catalytic Wet Oxidation: a Zero-waste Strategy Contributing to Hong Kong's Decarbonization Goals
2022/23Professor Qiu Jianwen (BIOL)Applicability of eDNA Metabarcoding in Fish Community Monitoring: Case Study in Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
2022/23Dr Manu Mathikere Krishnegowda (BIOL)Development of a Novel Combined Thermal and Biological Strategy for Food Waste Digestate Disposal
2022/23Dr Manu Mathikere Krishnegowda (BIOL)End of Life Scenarios Assessment of Bioplastics and Biomass-based Disposable Bags/Tableware Available in Hong Kong: Biodegradability and Environmental Impact
2022/23Dr Gao Meng (GEOG)Optimal Planning of Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Sites in Hong Kong
2022/23Dr Chiu Man Ying (BIOL)Reconstruction of Food Web in the Southern Marine Waters of Hong Kong Using Gut Content Metabarcoding
2021/22Dr Wang Yi (CHEM)        Evaluation of the Recycled Plastics-containing Designated Garbage Bags under The Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme for Food-contact Applications
2021/22Professor Li Jianfeng (GEOG) Flood Prevention Standards in Hong Kong under Climate Change - Non-stationarity and Joint Behavior of Rainfall and Sea Level
2021/22 Professor Wong Woon Chung (BIOL) International Conference on Solid Waste 2023
2021/22 Dr Zhao Jun (BIOL) Investigation on Removal of the Microplastics in Food Waste Digestate for Safer Organic Fertilisers
2020/21Dr Zhao Jun (BIOL) Comparative Study on Subcritical Hydrothermal Treatment as Pre- and Post- treatment of Anaerobic Digestion - Opportunities for the Improvement of Food Waste Treatment Technology in Hong Kong
2020/21Dr Wang Yi (CHEM)Evaluation of the Toxicity of the Microplastics in Fish and Shellfish of Hong Kong to Human Health using Various Human Cell Models
2020/21Dr Lui Yuk-yu Matthew (CHEM)Liquefaction of Organic Construction Waste


MTR Academy – MTR Research Funding (MRF) Scheme (MRFS)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2022/23Dr Zhao Jun (BIOL)Catalytic Conversion of Municipal Solid Waste to Hydrogen as a Clean Fuel for Sustainable Transportation