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Message from the Vice-President (Research and Development)



  • Professor Aiping LYU

  • Vice-President (Research and Development)

  • Dean of Graduate School

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Research excellence is linked to a transdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Researchers at HKBU from diverse disciplines like arts, social sciences, natural sciences and life sciences have been actively engaging in cross-faculty collaborations to devise solutions. It is through the fusion of our traditional disciplines like Chinese medicine, creative arts, communication, humanities and business management, and our advanced scientific and technological expertise, that HKBU finds its distinct edge. Collectively they add to the vibrant strengths embodied in the University’s strategic clusters: Creative Media and Practice, Health and Drug Discovery, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, and Humanities and Cultures.


This unique combination requires talents – the most valuable resource of any university and the impetus behind any innovation. As such, our mission aims to enable our researchers to further explore and innovate within their respective scholarly fields. We are also committed to the creation of a supportive and nurturing environment, the instillation of a relaxed, humanistic atmosphere, and the fostering of an open, respectful research culture.


I am thrilled by the opportunities that lie ahead for us as an outstanding research community, with the promise of more talented scholars joining in the future. Together we aim to elevate HKBU’s research excellence to unprecedented heights.