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Last updated on March 20, 2024


February 2024

Transcription factor OsMYB30 increases trehalose content to inhibit α-amylase and seed germination at low temperature

Yu, H., Teng, Z., Liu, B., Lv, J., Chen, Y., et al. 2024-02-29. Plant physiology, 194(3), 1815-1833

Enhanced late spring ozone in southern china by early onset of the south china sea summer monsoon

Zhang, X., Lu, X., Wang, F., Zhou, W., Wang, P., & Gao, M. 2024-02-28. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 129(4), -

Involvement of brassinosteroids and abscisic acid in spikelet degeneration in rice under soil drying during meiosis

Zhang, W., Wu, M., Zhong, X., Liu, Y., Yang, X., et al. 2024-02-28. Journal of Experimental Botany, 75(5), 1580-1600

Predicting the metal mixture toxicity with a toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic model considering the time-dependent adverse outcome pathways

Yang, L., Zeng, J., Gao, N., Zhu, L., & Feng, J. 2024-02-27. Environmental Science and Technology, 58(8), 3714-3725

Rational design of l-rna aptamer-peptide conjugate for efficient cell uptake and g-quadruplex-mediated gene control

Zhang, K., Nie, Q., Chi-Kong Lau, T., & Kit Kwok, C. 2024-02-26. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 63(9), -

Source identification of sedimentary organic carbon in coastal wetlands of the western bohai sea

Zhang, J., Hao, Q., Li, Q., Zhao, X., Fu, X., et al. 2024-02-25. Science of the Total Environment, 913(-), -

Non-abelian physics in light and sound

Yang, Y., Yang, B., Ma, G., Li, J., Zhang, S., & Chan, C. T. 2024-02-23. Science, 383(6685), 844-858

Magnetic hybrid nanospindle with an unconventional force-thermal coupling antibacterial effect

Wang, J., Fang, X., Yu, G., Luo, T., Xu, Y., et al. 2024-02-20. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 683(-), -

The potential toxicity of microplastics on human health

Zhao, B., Rehati, P., Yang, Z., Cai, Z., Guo, C., & Li, Y. 2024-02-20. Science of the Total Environment, 912(-), -

Stable isotope-assisted mass spectrometry reveals in vivo distribution, metabolism, and excretion of tire rubber-derived 6ppd-quinone in mice

Zhang, J., Cao, G., Wang, W., Qiao, H., Chen, Y., et al. 2024-02-20. Science of the Total Environment, 912(-), -

What marketers of after-school educational services and educators can learn from children’s perceptions of intelligence

Chan, K. 2024-02-20. Young Consumers, 25(2), 273-287

Strength training improves heart function, collagen and strength in rats with heart failure

Dias, L. G., Reis, C. H. O., Dos Santos, L., Krause Neto, W., Lima-Leopoldo, A. P., et al. 2024-02-16. The journal of physiological sciences : JPS, 74(1), -

Activation of ape1 modulates Nrf2 protected against acute liver injury by inhibit hepatocyte ferroptosis and promote hepatocyte autophagy

Diao, J., Fan, H., Zhang, J., Fu, X., Liao, R., et al. 2024-02-15. International Immunopharmacology, 128(-), -

CO2-mediated catalytic pyrolysis of cigarette filters over Co/SiO2

Kim, Y., Cho, S.-H., Lee, S., Tsang, Y.-F., Kim, Y.-M., et al. 2024-02-15. Journal of Cleaner Production, 441(-), -

Controlling the compositional matrix of pyrogenic products using carbon dioxide in the pyrolysis of agricultural plastic waste

Lee, D.-J., Park, J., Kim, J. Y., Jung, S., Choi, Y.-B., et al. 2024-02-15. Chemical Engineering Journal, 482(-), -

Critical density for k-coverage under border effects in camera sensor networks with irregular obstacles existence

Liu, Z., Jiang, G., Jia, W., Wang, T., & Wu, Y. 2024-02-15. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 11(4), 6426-6437

Fusionplanner: A multi-task motion planner for mining trucks via multi-sensor fusion

Teng, S., Li, L., Li, Y., Hu, X., Li, L., et al. 2024-02-15. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 208(-), -

Mxene-based wearable self-powered and photothermal triboelectric nanogenerator patches for wound healing acceleration and tactile sensing

Mao, M., Kong, J., Ge, X., Sun, Y., Yu, H., et al. 2024-02-15. Chemical Engineering Journal, 482(-), -

Optimizing worker selection in collaborative mobile crowdsourcing

Ding, X., Guo, J., Sun, G., & Li, D. 2024-02-15. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 11(4), 7172-7185

Photocatalytic degradation of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) from water: A mini review

Luo, P., Zhang, Y., Peng, Z., He, Q., Zhao, W., et al. 2024-02-15. Environmental Pollution, 343(-), -

Tryptophan sulfonate: A new chemical marker for accurate and efficient inspection of sulfur-treated food products

Chan, K.-C., Zhang, W.-H., Chan, Y.-M., Li, H.-L., Fang, J., et al. 2024-02-15. Food Chemistry, 434(-), -

Examining B2B channel decision-making within differential quality-level zone: A supply chain design using a non-cooperative strategic game theoretic approach (stackelberg supply chain for b2b)

Cao, B., Dubey, R., & Luo, Z. 2024-02-13. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 39(2), 336-349

A missing puzzle piece of pollutant metabolism in humans: The gut microbiota

Lv, M., Liu, Y., Shi, C., Liang, J., Zhao, X., et al. 2024-02-13. Environmental Science and Technology Letters, 11(2), 48-50

Molecularly engineered self-assembled monolayers as effective hole-selective layers for organic solar cells

Li, M., Li, Z., Fu, H., Yu, R., Jiang, W., et al. 2024-02-12. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 7(3), 1306-1312

Syngas production via CO2-mediated melamine pyrolysis

Cho, S.-H., Park, J., Jung, S., Tsang, Y. F., Lee, D., & Kwon, E. E. 2024-02-12. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 12(6), 2476-2483

Unlocking same-sign cpl: Solvent effects on spectral form and racemisation kinetics in nine-coordinate chiral europium(iii) complexes

De Rosa, D. F., Starck, M., Parker, D., & Pal, R. 2024-02-12. Chemistry - A European Journal, 30(9), -

Optimizing multi-user indoor sound communications with acoustic reconfigurable metasurfaces

Zhang, H., Wang, Q., Fink, M., & Ma, G. 2024-02-10. Nature communications, 15(1), -

Bio-inspired microreactors continuously synthesize glucose precursor from CO2 with an energy conversion efficiency 3.3 times of rice

Zhu, Y., Xie, F., Wun, T. C. K., Li, K., Lin, H., et al. 2024-02-09. Advanced Science, 11(6), -

Are tai chi and qigong effective in the treatment of traumatic brain injury? A systematic review

Laskosky, N. A., Huston, P., Lam, W. C., Anderson, C., & Zhong, L. L. D. 2024-02-06. BMC complementary medicine and therapies, 24(1), -

Degradation of organic uv filters in the water environment: A concise review on the mechanism, toxicity, and technologies

Sun, J., Rene, E. R., Tao, D., Lu, Y., Jin, Q., et al. 2024-02-05. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 463(-), -

Non-negligible vector effect of micro(nano)plastics on tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate in zebrafish quantified by toxicokinetic model

Gao, N., Yang, L., Lu, X., Zhu, L., & Feng, J. 2024-02-05. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 463(-), -

Triclocarban transformation and removal in sludge conditioning using chalcopyrite–triggered percarbonate treatment

Liang, J., Zhang, L., Li, C., Mo, Z., Ye, M., et al. 2024-02-05. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 463(-), -

Determination of mycobiota and aflatoxin contamination in commercial bee pollen from eight provinces and one autonomous region of china

Guo, M., Zhang, J., Wang, Y., Chen, H., Lv, J., et al. 2024-02-02. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 411(-), -

Durable organic photovoltaics enabled by a morphology-stabilizing hole-selective self-assembled monolayer

Wang, Y., Jiang, W., Liu, S.-C., Lin, C.-T., Fan, B., et al. 2024-02-02. Advanced Energy Materials, 14(5), -

Secrecy culture, client importance, and auditor reporting behavior: An international study

Lam, B. M., Mo, P. L. L., & Rahman, M. J. 2024-02-02. Managerial Auditing Journal, 39(2), 113-137

Adventure-based cognitive behavioral intervention for hong kong university students: A randomized controlled study

Pan, J.-Y., & Zhuang, X. 2024-02-01. Research on Social Work Practice, 34(2), 144-157

Air quality improvements can strengthen china’s food security

Liu, X., Chu, B., Tang, R., Liu, Y., Qiu, B., et al. 2024-02-01. Nature Food, 5(2), 158-170

Applications of perovskite oxides for the cleanup and mechanism of action of emerging contaminants/steroid hormones in water

Bayode, A. A., Emmanuel, S. S., Osti, A., Olorunnisola, C. G., Egbedina, A. O., et al. 2024-02-01. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 58(-), -

Associations of social jetlag with physical activity and sedentary behaviour in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Huang, W. Y., Feng, J., Zheng, C., Jiao, J., & Wong, S. H. S. 2024-02-01. Journal of Sleep Research, 33(1), -

Blocksense: Towards trustworthy mobile crowdsensing via proof-of-data blockchain

Huang, J., Kong, L., Cheng, L., Dai, H.-N., Qiu, M., et al. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 23(2), 1016-1033

China's renewable energy and energy efficiency policies toward carbon neutrality: A systematic cross-sectoral review

Yang, Y., & Lo, K. 2024-02-01. Energy and Environment, 35(1), 491-509

Cis publication spotlight [publication spotlight]

Song, Y., Wu, D., Coello, C. a. C., Yannakakis, G. N., Tang, H., & Cheung, Y.-M. 2024-02-01. IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, 19(1), 24-77

Collaborative contrastive learning for hypergraph node classification

Wu, H., Li, N., Zhang, J., Chen, S., Ng, M. K., & Long, J. 2024-02-01. Pattern Recognition, 146(-), -

Command filtering-based adaptive fuzzy control of flexible-joint robots with time-varying full-state constraints

Zhu, Y., Liu, J., Yu, J., & Wang, Q.-G. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, 71(2), 682-686

Concurrent inhibition of pBADS99 synergistically improves mek inhibitor efficacy in krasg12d-mutant pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Tan, Y. Q., Sun, B., Zhang, X., Zhang, S., Guo, H., et al. 2024-02-01. Cell Death and Disease, 15(2), -

Contesting western narratives: Brics media coverage of the russia–ukraine war

Thussu, D. K. 2024-02-01. International Communication Gazette, 86(1), 3-6

Correction to: Frequent marine heatwaves hidden below the surface of the global ocean (nature geoscience, (2023), 16, 12, (1099-1104), 10.1038/s41561-023-01325-w)

Sun, D., Li, F., Jing, Z., Hu, S., & Zhang, B. 2024-02-01. Nature Geoscience, 17(2), -

The cross-level effect of team politics on teamness and oneness of frontline employees in the tourism industry: The moderating role of abusive supervision

Chen, Y., Yan, M., Zheng, S., & Lan, J. 2024-02-01. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 117(-), -

Deciphering the ultra-high plasticity in metal monochalcogenides

Wong, L. W., Yang, K., Han, W., Zheng, X., Wong, H. Y., et al. 2024-02-01. Nature Materials, 23(2), 196-204

Disagreement about public information quality and informational price efficiency

Huang, C., Lunawat, R., & Wang, Q. 2024-02-01. Journal of Financial Economics, 152(-), -

Diversified chemical structures and bioactivities of the chemical constituents found in the brown algae family sargassaceae

Peng, Y., Yang, X., Huang, R., Ren, B., Chen, B., et al. 2024-02-01. Marine Drugs, 22(2), -

Does have-want discrepancy or have-had discrepancy explain residential satisfaction? A study of migrant workers in wuhan, china

Wang, Y., Wang, D., Wang, F., He, S., & Wang, L. 2024-02-01. Cities, 145(-), -

Dynamic changes in bacterial communities in three species of corals during the 2017 bleaching event in subtropical hong kong waters

Zou, Y., Ip, J. C.-H., Xie, J. Y., Yeung, Y. H., Wei, L., et al. 2024-02-01. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 199(-), -

Ehr-knowgen: Knowledge-enhanced multimodal learning for disease diagnosis generation

Niu, S., Ma, J., Bai, L., Wang, Z., Guo, L., & Yang, X. 2024-02-01. Information Fusion, 102(-), -

Employer-sponsored career development practices and employee performance and turnover: A meta-analysis

Ng, T. W. H., Yim, F. H. K., Chen, H., & Zou, Y. 2024-02-01. Journal of Management, 50(2), 685-721

Evolution of dissolved organic nitrogen chemistry during transportation to the marginal sea: Insights from nitrogen isotope and molecular composition analyses

Yan, Z., Xin, Y., Zhong, X., Yi, Y., Li, P., et al. 2024-02-01. Water Research, 249(-), -

Extracting charge carrier mobility in organic solar cells through space-charge-limited current measurements

Jiang, D., Sun, J., Ma, R., Wong, V. K., Yuan, J., et al. 2024-02-01. Materials Science and Engineering R: Reports, 157(-), -

Extreme weather exacerbates ozone pollution in the pearl river delta, china: Role of natural processes

Wang, N., Wang, H., Huang, X., Chen, X., Zou, Y., et al. 2024-02-01. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 24(2), 1559-1570

Facile synthesis of ultrathin carbon nanosheets from waste cellulose

Alharbi, T. M. D., Bashir, M. J. K., Nag, A., Alsaedi, W. H., Jellicoe, M., et al. 2024-02-01. Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 17(2), -

Glycyrrhizic acid rebalances mitochondrial dynamics to mitigate hepatotoxicity induced by triptolide

Cao, Z., Liu, B., Yan, L., Shu, H., Wang, L., et al. 2024-02-01. Journal of Functional Foods, 113(-), -

Have we controlled properly? Problems with and recommendations for the use of control variables in information systems research

Shiau, W.-L., Chau, P. Y. K., Thatcher, J. B., Teng, C.-I., & Dwivedi, Y. K. 2024-02-01. International Journal of Information Management, 74(-), -

Hepatotoxicity evaluations of different surface charged carbon quantum dots in vivo and in vitro

Chen, Y.-C., Chen, H.-H., Lin, H.-J., Huang, C.-C., Chen, K.-F., et al. 2024-02-01. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 234(-), -

The impact of payment for ecosystem service schemes on participants’ motivation: A global assessment

Huang, Y., Zhang, X., Sheng, X., Wang, Y., & Leung, K. M. Y. 2024-02-01. Ecosystem Services, 65(-), -

Insight into tetrabromobisphenol a-associated liver transcriptional landscape via single cell rna sequencing

Bai, Y., Zhu, Z., Ou, J., Zhang, W., Iyaswamy, A., et al. 2024-02-01. Advanced Biology, 8(2), -

Integrating teletraffic theory with neural networks for quality-of-service evaluation in mobile networks

Chan, Y.-C., Wu, J., Wong, E. W. M., & Leung, C. S. 2024-02-01. Applied Soft Computing, 152(-), -

A latent class cox model for heterogeneous time-to-event data

Pei, Y., Peng, H., & Xu, J. 2024-02-01. Journal of Econometrics, 239(2), -

Learning relationship-enhanced semantic graph for fine-grained image-text matching

Liu, X., He, Y., Cheung, Y.-M., Xu, X., & Wang, N. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 54(2), 948-961

Long non-coding rnas mediate fish gene expression in response to ocean acidification

Kang, J., Chung, A., Suresh, S., Bonzi, L. C., Sourisse, J. M., et al. 2024-02-01. Evolutionary Applications, 17(2), -

Mapping cultural flows through contemporary art in translation the translation(s) project

Poposki, Z., & Todorova, M. 2024-02-01. Leonardo, 57(1), 57-63

The mediating effect of psychological resilience between individual social capital and mental health in the post-pandemic era: A cross-sectional survey over 300 family caregivers of kindergarten children in mainland china

Feng, J., Cai, P., Guan, X., Li, X., He, L., et al. 2024-02-01. Social Sciences, 13(2), -

Medicating the coast in a metropolitan city: Enantiomeric profiles and joint probabilistic risk assessment of antidepressants and antihistamines

Wu, R., Sin, E. Y.-Y., Zhang, K., Xu, S., Ruan, Y., et al. 2024-02-01. Environment International, 184(-), -

Mixture of attention variants for modal fusion in multi-modal sentiment analysis

He, C., Zhang, X., Song, D., Shen, Y., Mao, C., et al. 2024-02-01. Big Data and Cognitive Computing, 8(2), -

Modulation the synergistic effect of chitosan-sodium alginate nanoparticles with Ca2+: Enhancing the stability of pickering emulsion on d-limonene

Li, Q., Li, R., Yong, F., Zhao, Q., Chen, J., et al. 2024-02-01. Foods, 13(4), -

Multi-agent collaborative rumor-debunking strategies on virtual-real network layer

Zhong, X., Zheng, Y., Xie, J., Xie, Y., & Peng, Y. 2024-02-01. Mathematics, 12(3), -

Mutually adaptable learning

Tan, Q., Liu, Y., & Liu, J. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, 8(1), 240-254

Natural compounds modulating mitophagy: Implications for cancer therapy

Cao, M., Tang, Y., Luo, Y., Gu, F., Zhu, Y., et al. 2024-02-01. Cancer Letters, 582(-), -

A novel deep learning-based robust dual-rate dynamic data modeling for quality prediction

Meng, X., Liu, Q., Yang, C., Zhou, L., & Cheung, Y.-M. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 20(2), 1324-1334

Partial and full detection of source terms

Zhang, L., Wang, Q.-G., & Yang, S.-H. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, 71(2), 977-981

Partisan conflict and corporate credit spreads: The role of political connection

Wang, L. 2024-02-01. Journal of Corporate Finance, 84(-), -

Performance evaluation considering academic misconduct of china's higher education institutions

Shen, W., Liu, Y., Wan, G., Shi, J., & Liu, W. 2024-02-01. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 91(-), -

Positive definiteness of real quadratic forms resulting from the variable-step l1-type approximations of convolution operators

Liao, H.-L., Tang, T., & Zhou, T. 2024-02-01. Science China Mathematics, 67(2), 237-252

Primetime narratives on russia–ukraine conflict on india's republic tv

Kumar, A., & Thussu, D. K. 2024-02-01. International Communication Gazette, 86(1), 73-88

Refractive index dependence of the radiative rate of a magnetic dipole transition for a nanoparticle system

Xiao, D., Kai, H.-Y., Huang, A., Song, M., Wong, K.-L., & Tanner, P. A. 2024-02-01. Journal of Luminescence, 266(-), -

Relation-aggregated cross-graph correlation learning for fine-grained image-text retrieval

Peng, S.-J., He, Y., Liu, X., Cheung, Y.-M., Xu, X., & Cui, Z. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 35(2), 2194-2207

Reljoin: Relative-cost-based selection of distributed join methods for query plan optimization

Liang, F., Lau, F. C. M., Cui, H., Li, Y., Lin, B., et al. 2024-02-01. Information Sciences, 658(-), -

A sequential designing-modeling technique when the input factors are not equally important

Elsawah, A. M., Wang, Y.-A., Chen, Z., & Tank, F. 2024-02-01. Computational and Applied Mathematics, 43(1), -

Startup-aware dependent task scheduling with bandwidth constraints in edge computing

Lou, J., Tang, Z., Jia, W., Zhao, W., & Li, J. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 23(2), 1586-1600

Strategies and factors to enhance active participation of family caregivers of people with dementia in psychoeducation: A scoping review

Chan, H. M., Ho, K. H. M., Pang, R. C. K., & Chan, H. Y. L. 2024-02-01. Dementia, 23(2), 272-291

Supplementary influence maximization problem in social networks

Zhang, Y., Guo, J., Yang, W., & Wu, W. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, 11(1), 986-996

The target atlas for antibody-drug conjugates across solid cancers

Fang, J., Guo, L., Zhang, Y., Guo, Q., Wang, M., & Wang, X. 2024-02-01. Cancer Gene Therapy, 31(2), 273-284

Testing specification of distribution in stochastic frontier analysis

Cheng, M.-Y., Wang, S., Xia, L., & Zhang, X. 2024-02-01. Journal of Econometrics, 239(2), -

Towards efficient cross-modal anomaly detection using triple-adaptive network and bi-quintuple contrastive learning

Peng, S.-J., Fan, Y., Cheung, Y.-M., Liu, X., Cui, Z., & Li, T. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, 8(1), 697-709

An ultra-thin nickel electrodeposited stainless steel mesh with superhydrophobic property and high mechanical durability for oil-water separation

Zhang, X., Hu, C., Fu, X., Zhang, S., Li, T., et al. 2024-02-01. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 12(1), -

Urban greenspace and visual acuity in schoolchildren: A large prospective cohort study in china

Bao, W.-W., Zhao, Y., Dadvand, P., Jiang, N., Chen, G., et al. 2024-02-01. Environment International, 184(-), -

Urbanization and urban energy eco-efficiency: A meta-frontier super ebm analysis based on 271 cities of china

Zheng, H., Wu, Y., He, H., Delang, C. O., Lu, J., et al. 2024-02-01. Sustainable Cities and Society, 101(-), -

Utility-aware dynamic ridesharing in spatial crowdsourcing

Li, Y., Li, H., Huang, X., Xu, J., Han, Y., & Xu, M. 2024-02-01. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 23(2), 1066-1079

Virtual agents that flatter you: Moderating effects of self-esteem and customization target in e-customization services

Li, X., Si, W., & Chan, K. W. 2024-02-01. Psychology and Marketing, 41(2), 344-363

Visible-light-driven photo-fenton oxidation enhanced by Fe/Bi-nanocrystal phase transformation as a universal way for various organic pollutants mineralization

Sun, T., Jin, Z.-Y., Deng, B., He, G., Wang, Q.-Y., et al. 2024-02-01. Chemical Engineering Journal, 481(-), -

January 2024

Athletic justice: Scale development and validation

Kim, S., Alahmad, M. E., Oh, T., & Love, A. 2024-01-30. Heliyon, 10(2), -

Liveboost: A GB-based prediction system for liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis b patients in china - a multi-center retrospective study

Xie, G., Xiao, H., Liu, Q., Chen, T., Chen, F., et al. 2024-01-30. Heliyon, 10(2), -

Patentnetml: A novel framework for predicting key compounds in patents using network science and machine learning

Zhu, T.-F., Qian, R., Wei, X., Lu, A.-P., & Cao, D.-S. 2024-01-25. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 67(2), 1347-1359

Functionalized nanomaterials capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier

Zha, S., Liu, H., Li, H., Li, H., Wong, K.-L., & All, A. H. 2024-01-23. ACS Nano, 18(3), 1820-1845

Reducing gut dissolution of zinc oxide nanoparticles by secondary microplastics with consequent impacts on barnacle larvae

Sun, A., & Wang, W.-X. 2024-01-23. Environmental Science and Technology, 58(3), 1484-1494

Next generation noble metal-engineered catalysts: From structure evolution to structure-reactivity correlation in water splitting

Zhang, Y., Yan, R., Xu, X., He, C., Zhou, M., et al. 2024-01-22. Advanced Functional Materials, 34(4), -

When subordinates respond constructively to abusive supervision: The moderating role of performance goal orientation

Wang, H., Wei, L.-Q., & Zhang, R. 2024-01-22. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 39(1), 1-17

Linking hif oxygen-sensing system diversity to hypoxia fitness in eleutheronema: Molecular characterization and transcriptional response to hypoxia exposure

Xiao, J., & Wang, W.-X. 2024-01-20. Science of the Total Environment, 909(-), -

Online posting intention: Do the social communication and brand equity of esports matter?

Wang, X., You, X., Xu, Y., & Zheng, J. 2024-01-19. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 25(1), 161-187

Reconstructing a theory of mind in the mengzi

Turner, K. J. 2024-01-18. Asian Studies, 12(1), 141-164

Rational molecular design of multifunctional self-assembled monolayers for efficient hole selection and buried interface passivation in inverted perovskite solar cells

Jiang, W., Liu, M., Li, Y., Lin, F. R., & Jen, A. K. 2024-01-17. Chemical Science, 15(8), 2778-2785

Corrigendum to development of a nir iridium(iii) complex for self-calibrated and luminogenic detection of boron trifluoride [spectrochim. Acta part a: Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc. 282 (2022) 121658] (spectrochimica acta part a: Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy (2022) 282, (s1386142522008071), (10.1016/j.Saa.2022.121658))

Lin, C., Wang, J., Yang, K., Liu, J., Ma, D.-L., et al. 2024-01-15. Spectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 305(-), -

Direct humification of biowaste with hydrothermal technology: A review

Shao, Y., Li, Z., Long, Y., Zhao, J., Huo, W., et al. 2024-01-15. Science of the Total Environment, 908(-), -

A dropout-tolerated privacy-preserving method for decentralized crowdsourced federated learning

Chen, T., Wang, X., Dai, H.-N., & Yang, H. 2024-01-15. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 11(2), 1788-1799

Global, regional, and national burden of ischemic heart disease attributable to ambient PM2.5 from 1990 to 2019: An analysis for the global burden of disease study 2019

Guo, L.-H., Lin, L.-Z., Zhou, Y., Jalaludin, B., Morawska, L., et al. 2024-01-15. Environmental Research, 241(-), -

Heavier precipitation in response to longer-lasting tropical cyclones and rapid urbanization over the yangtze river delta of eastern china

Wei, L., Gu, X., Slater, L. J., Lai, Y., Kong, D., et al. 2024-01-15. Journal of Climate, 37(2), 403-418

Nonreciprocity through gain saturation in coupled nanocavities

Mai, J., & Cheah, K. W. 2024-01-15. Physical Review B, 109(3), -

Numerical solution of singular sylvester equations

Chu, E. K.-W., Hou, L., Szyld, D. B., & Zhou, J. 2024-01-15. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 436(-), -

Particle size-dependent and route-specific exposure to liquid crystal monomers in indoor air: Implications for human health risk estimations

Lin, H., Li, X., Qin, X., Cao, Y., Ruan, Y., et al. 2024-01-15. Science of the Total Environment, 908(-), -

Societal knowledge, attitude, and practices towards dengue and associated factors in epidemic-hit areas: Geoinformation assisted empirical evidence

Naqvi, S. a. A., Sajjad, M., Tariq, A., Waseem, L. A., Karuppannan, S., et al. 2024-01-15. Heliyon, 10(1), -

Spatiotemporal-aware privacy-preserving task matching in mobile crowdsensing

Peng, T., Zhong, W., Wang, G., Zhang, S., Luo, E., & Wang, T. 2024-01-15. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 11(2), 2394-2406

Current status of model predictions of volatile organic compounds and impacts on surface ozone predictions during summer in china

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November 2023

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October 2023

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