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Chief Executive’s Policy Unit (CEPU)

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Public Policy Research Funding Scheme and Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPR/SPPR)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2021/22Dr Wan Shui Ki (AEF)Constructing Daily Hong Kong Online Consumer Price Index and Price Dynamics: The Role of E-commerce in the Post-pandemic Era
2021/22Dr Ip Ka Wai Kevin (GIS)Data Literacy of Hong Kong Internet Users
2021/22Dr Lee Siu Yau (GIS)Public Support for Social Inclusion Policies
2020/21Professor Song Yunya Celine (IMD)Building Resilience to Information Disorder in Hong Kong: An Investigation of Rumor Exposure and Dissemination in Times of Public Crisis
2020/21Dr Zhang Xinzhi (IMD)Hong Kong media's Coverage of Political Polarization and Its Effects on People's Political Attitudes and Behaviors 
2019/20Dr Lau Siu-mei Ava (SOWK)A Critical Analysis on Social Mobility Discourse: Views from Young Professionals
2019/20Professor Chung Pak Kwong (SPEH)A Study of Development of Esports in Hong Kong
2019/20Professor Li Si Ming (GEOG)Complex Housing Tenure and Residential Relocation: the Case of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
2019/20Dr Lo Wai Han (JOUR)Connecting Two Generations in the Midst of Turmoil: Empowering the Older Adults to Provide Emotional Support for the Young People
2019/20Professor Hung Suet Lin (SOWK)Perception of the Underlying Causes of the Recent Social Incidents from the Perspectives of Low-income Migrants: Identities and Cultural Values
2019/20Dr Chew Ming-tak Matthew (SOC)Remapping Hong Kong's Sociopolitical Schism: A Focus on Local Social Media and Comparisons with Other Social Media-assisted Large-scale Movements
2019/20Dr Jiang Jin (SOC)The Greater Bay Area and Career Opportunity for Hong Kong Youth: Integrating Big Data Analysis and Survey Experiments
2019/20Dr Chee Wai Chi (EDUC)Understanding the Sociopolitical Participation of Ethnic Minority Youth in Hong Kong
2018/19Professor Lau Wing Chung Patrick (SPEH)How Can the United Kingdom’s Elite Sport Success Inspire Elite Sport Policy in Hong Kong: The Cases of Cycling, Swimming and Taekwondo