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Research Facilities

The University is committed to interdisciplinary research excellence, where innovation and collaboration intersect across all disciplines. Our central specialised research infrastructure is meticulously designed to support and elevate transdisciplinary research, dedicated to advanced neuroscience studies, comprehensive multi-person motion capture and analysis, and immersive multisensory engagements blending art and technology. Our facilities extend beyond their primary functions and serve as versatile hubs equipped to empower research from a vast array of fields, comprising arts, business, Chinese medicine, communication, creative arts, science, social sciences, and more. Discover the key pillars of our research community:



Research Centres

The University has established over 50 research centres to nurture excellence in a range of focus areas and to cultivate interdisciplinary research. Check out the full list of research centres categorised by Faculty/School:


Faculty of Arts
Centre for Applied Ethics 
Centre for Chinese Cultural Heritage 
Centre for Sino-Christian Studies 
Centre for Translation 
The Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology  
Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute
School of Business
Centre for Business Analytics and the Digital Economy
Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy
Centre for Human Resources Strategy and Development
Centre for Sustainable Development Studies
School of Chinese Medicine
Consun Chinese Medicines Research Centre for Renal Diseases
HKBU and IncreasePharm Joint Centre for Nucleic Acid Drug Discovery
Hong Kong Baptist University Joint Centre for Pain Research
Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinical Study Centre
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Medicine Phenome Research Centre
Institute of Integrated Bioinformedicine and Translational Science
Institute for Precision Medicine and Innovative Drug
Institute of Systems Medicine and Health Sciences
Law Sau Fai Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone and Joint Diseases
Mr. and Mrs. Ko Chi Ming Centre for Parkinson’s Disease Research
Research Centre for Standardization of Chinese Medicines
Shum Yiu Foon Shum Bik Chuen Memorial Centre for Cancer and Inflammation Research
The  Enhancing the QUality And Transparency Of health Research (EQUATOR) China Centre
School of Communication
Centre for Media and Communication Research
School of Creative Arts
Centre for Film and Moving Image Research
Faculty of Science

Beijing-HK-Singapore Joint Centre for Nonlinear and Complex Systems*

Centre for Health Informatics*

Centre for Mathematical Imaging and Vision*

Centre for Nonlinear Studies*

Center for Quantitative Systems Biology*

Croucher Institute for Environmental Sciences

Golden Meditech Centre for NeuroRegeneration Sciences

High-Performance Cluster Computing Centre*

HKBU-RCEES Joint Institute of Environmental Sciences
Institute of Advanced Materials
Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture
Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies
Peking U - HKBU Joint Research Institute for Applied Mathematics*

Research and Development Centre for Natural Health Products^

Research Centre of Excellence for Organic Electronics

Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment

State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis

Statistics Research and Consultancy Centre*


* Research institutes/centers run under ICTS, which serves as an interdisciplinary research platform.

^ The center is located in Mainland China.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Asian Energy Studies Centre
Centre for Child Development
Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies
Centre for Geo-Computation Studies
Centre for Health and Exercise Science Research
Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre
David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies
Dr. Stephen Hui Research Centre for Physical Recreation and Wellness
Modern History Research Centre