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List of Funding Grants / Schemes

Blue Sky Research Fund

Equipment Matching Fund (AY2022/23)

External Grant Preparation Support Fund - Category 1: Proposal Writing Support Fund (AY2022/23)

External Grant Preparation Support Fund - Category 2: Seed Funding for Major External Grants (SFMEG) (AY2022/23)

HKBU Visiting Fellowship Scheme (VFS)

Initiation Grant for Faculty Niche Research Areas (IG-FNRA) (AY2022/23)

International Activities Programme (AY2022/23)

Key Research Partnership Scheme (KRPS)

Library Digital Scholarship Grant

Matching Scheme for Appointment of Research Assistant Professors (RAP) - Faculty's Niche Research Areas

PhD Student Quota for the Transdisciplinary Research Labs 2022/23

Research Development Fund: Research Network on Healthy Ageing 2022/23

Start-up Grant (Tier 1)

Transdisciplinary Research Matching Scheme (TRMS) 2021/22

Travelling Support Matching Scheme For Academics (AY2022/23)

Undergraduate Research Programme (AY2022/23)