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Arts and Tech for Museums, Art Practice and Creative Entrepreneurship


25Nov 2022


  • Zoom
  • Francesca Sborgi, Director, Department of Digital Strategies, Ufzi Galleries Florence, Italy; Anna L.Y. Qin, Assistant Professor and Kingsley Ng, Associate Professors, School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University



Date: 25 November 2022 (Friday)
Time: 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Venue: Zoom
Language: English



Speaker: Francesca SBORGI

Director, Department of Digital Strategies, Uffizi Galleries, Florence


Title: The Hall of the Dynasties and the Galleries of Sixteenth-Century Venetian Painting. A virtual tour of the Uffizi Galleries website

Abstract: Thanks to the patronage and the passion for the arts of the Medici and the Della Rovere families, the Uffizi’s holdings of sixteenth century Venetian painting are amongst the most important in the world. The galleries dedicated to them were restored and opened in 2019. This exceptional collection is now the subject of a virtual tour publicly available on the website of the Uffizi galleries. This presentation details how the tour was created and investigates how virtual reality and technology can be used to support the activity of museums and cultural institutions.



Speaker: Anna L.Y. QIN

Assistant Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University


Title: How technology is shaping design industries and new ideas of creative entrepreneurship

Abstract: The bonds between Art, Science and Business are today stronger than ever. While on the one hand growing possibilities in the creative processes of art and design allow us to rethink the identity and originality of objects, on the other hand audiences increasingly familiar with AI and technology require higher standards of experiences. Design thus becomes a powerful tool to express narratives and shape the way we think. In 2013, Anna Qin visited the Florence Design Week as one of the representatives from the Shenzhen Industrial Design Professional Association. The experience allowed her to gain an unforgettable introduction to Italian craftsmanship. In this talk, Anna will share her perspectives on crafts, products and industrial design by discussing topics of design innovation and sustainability from both cultural and technological aspects, exploring how technology is shaping design industries and generating new ideas of creative entrepreneurship.



Speaker: Kingsley NG

Associate Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University


Title: ‘È vero, è vero, è vero’

Abstract: This year, a selection of compelling masterpieces by Italian Baroque painters from the collection of the Capodimonte Museum in Naples was brought to the Hong Kong Museum of Art as part of the exhibition “The Road to the Baroque: Masterpieces from the Capodimonte Museum”. Inspired by these works, media artist Kingsley Ng presented an immersive media artwork titled È Vero, È Vero, È Vero, as a creative response to the exhibition. In this talk, Kingsley will share his creative process, research and development.