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International Symposium on the Chinese Catholic Church in its Manifestation of Power and Knowledge


26Jun 2020


  • Zoom Webinar

This symposium addresses issues of the Chinese Catholic Church (China mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan). It highlights the development of the Church (the clergy, sisters, and people) in the contemporary period from 1949 to the present. It includes participants from Hong Kong, China, Italy, and other parts of world. They will talk about the Church from the perspectives of power, knowledge, and communities.




Cindy Yik-yi Chu (Hong Kong Baptist University)


Raissa De Gruttola (Università degli Studi di Perugia)


Gianni Criveller (Pime International Missionary School of Theology (Monza, Italy). Centre for Catholic Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy, Hong Kong.)


Rachel Xiaohong Zhu (Fudan University)


Steve Pieragastini (Loyola Marymount University)


Sheng-mei Ma (Michigan State University)