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Online Sinology Fortnightly: Fifth Session


05Sep 2022


  • Zoom
  • Dr. Li You (Assistant Professor, Department of history, School of humanities, Southeast University)

To promote academic exchanges of Classical Learning and Sinology within HKBU, the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology will continue to organize the Sinology Fortnightly series. Every two to three weeks, a scholar, from or outside the university, that specializes in Sinology or Chinese studies, will be invited to host an interactive session with the audience and share his or her research insights and findings in a casual ambience. In view of the pandemic, the series is now conducted online. All are welcome to register for it and join us.  


The fifth lecture of Online Sinology Fortnightly (July to December 2022) is “Framing Suzhou: Landscape, Image, and Local Identity in Ming China” conducted by Dr. Li You in Mandarin. 


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