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HKBU Physicist Receives IAAM Scientist Award

Prof. Cheah_IAAM Scientist Award
Professor Cheah Kok-wai receives the IAAM Scientist Award from the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM).

Professor Cheah Kok-wai, Dr. Elizabeth K.S. Law Endowed Professor in Advanced Materials and Chair Professor of the Department of Physics, has been presented with the IAAM Scientist Award by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) in recognition of his valuable contributions in the areas of materials science, engineering and technology. 

Professor Cheah was honoured to receive the prestigious award. He said: “The award is very much a reflection on our research team’s cumulative work over the years, and thus it is a testament to the effort of all the past and present team members; I am merely a representative that comes forward receiving the award. The honour is very much theirs. I also like take this opportunity to thank the department, Faculty of Science and the University in their steadfast support on our work.”


Invited by IAAM, Professor Cheah delivered an IAAM Award Lecture titled “Hybrid Loss-compensated Plasmonic Device” at the Advanced Materials Lecture Series 2020 on 20 August. This work investigates the manipulation of coupling of light with electrons in a nano-cavity which contains an organic gain medium. The understanding its physics not only offering new insight in the physics of metamaterial, but also with potential application in ultra-fast optical switch with an optical gate.


IAAM is a renowned non-profit international scientific research organisation active in the world of advanced materials. The IAAM Scientist Award is an honour IMMA confers upon the eminent researchers and scientists working in interdisciplinary fields to recognise their work and contributions in the world of advanced materials.