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HKBU survey finds over 70% of respondents support the development of Esports in Hong Kong

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Professor Chung Pak-kwong and his research team members Dr Leung Ka-man (front row, second right) and Miss Claudia Wong Ming-yu (front row, first right) introduce the survey findings; Mr Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, President of the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (front row, second left) and industry representatives (front row, first left) Mr Aaron Ho, (back row, from left) Mr Alex Tang, Miss Syreni Shek, Mr William Ching and Mr Lam Wing-cheung share the challenges facing the development of Esports at the press conference.

A survey led by Professor Chung Pak-kwong, Associate Dean (Development) of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Professor of the Department of Sport, Physical Education and Health, found that more than 70% of respondents support the development of electronic sports (Esports) in Hong Kong. However, the general public’s understanding of the development of Esports has yet to be enhanced. 


The survey also found that a lack of resources, undesirable development prospects and a lack of development policies for Esports are factors that make the student respondents reluctant to devote themselves to a career in Esports.


"Esports is a major global development trend in the electronic technology, sports and entertainment industries, and the public in general hold a positive attitude towards its development. The Government should seize the opportunity to formulate a policy for the development of Esports in Hong Kong, and deploy more resources to the upgrading of hardware as well as encouraging educational institutions to offer academic programmes related to the industry to cultivate Esports professionals," said Professor Chung.


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