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Leading AI Expert Professor Tuomas Sandholm Shares Insights on Game Theory


HKBU Department of Computer Science organised a thought-provoking online distinguished lecture titled “The State of Representing and Solving Games” on 23 March 2023 featuring leading AI expert Professor Tuomas Sandholm from Carnegie Mellon University. Participants were enthusiastic and engaged by Professor Sandholm’s evocative presentation.

During the lecture, Professor Sandholm presented the remarkable growth of game theory and discussed the latest state-of-the-art results in equilibrium finding, refinements, and subgame solving. He also emphasised the potential of ground-breaking breakthroughs in strategic decision-making and real-world problem-solving, highlighting the possibilities for game theory to push beyond its traditional boundaries and achieve significant practical applications.



Professor Sandholm is Angel Jordan University Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Co-Director of CMU AI, and a successful serial entrepreneur. He is also the Founder and CEO of Electronic Marketplaces Laboratory. His research focuses on the convergence of artificial intelligence, economics, and operations research.