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Prof Yike Guo explains the mystery of Metaverse at HKBU Distinguished Lecture

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Prof Yike Guo, Vice President (Research and Development) of HKBU, delivered a distinguished lecture titled “Seeing Through the Hype or Demystifying the Metaverse” on 22 February 2022.


Metaverse is a new paradigm in the world of the internet, it refers to a network of 3D virtual worlds with strong social connections.  Many most recent developed technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, XR and AI constitute core components of the paradigm.  In this lecture Prof Guo provided a comprehensive discussion of the development of Metaverse from the perspectives of future humanity and economy, helping audiences to see through the hype of this paradigm.


The lecture was part of the HKBU Distinguished Lecture Series 2022 that aims to bring leading researchers from the field of interdisciplinary research to talk about current grand challenges. Co-organised by the Institute of Creativity (IoC) and the Research Office, the lecture attracted over two hundred virtual audiences from the HKBU community.

About the Speaker

Prof Guo is a pioneer in data science and has developed innovation technology and systems for machine learning and large-scale data management. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academic of Engineering (FRENG) and Professor of Computing Science in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London since 2002.   Before joining Hong Kong Baptist University, Prof Guo was the founding Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College since 2014, which is one of the six Imperial College Global Challenge Institutes.   Prof Guo was recently elected Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences (HKAES) and he is also a Member of Academia Europaea (MAE), Fellow of British Computer Society (FBCS) and Fellow of Chinese Association Artificial Intelligence (CAAI). 


About Institute of Creativity

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