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Research Mingle pursues RAE excellence with research output insights


Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) by the University Grants Committee (UGC) stands as a rigorous peer-reviewed evaluation of research quality within UGC-funded universities, benchmarked against international standards. We were delighted to host the "Research Mingle" event on June 5, 2024, designed to enhance the exchange of insights between seasoned and novice researchers to RAE across diverse disciplines, encompassing both traditional and non-traditional research outputs. This gathering aimed to offer invaluable perspectives on the selection of research outputs for RAE excellence.

Professor Liu Jiming, Associate Vice-President (Research Development) of HKBU, affirmed the University community’s efforts and expressed full support to RAE 2026 as he initiated the sharing session. He appreciated all for their proactive contribution and highlighted this event as a precious opportunity to better equip everyone for this vital exercise. Professor Liu then delightfully introduced two distinguished speakers: Professor Christy Cheung, Director of our Research Office, and Dr Mu Jingwen, Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP).

“We want to get to know you more,” said Professor Cheung as she closely interacted with the audience on key RAE issues everyone was concerned about. Over the RAE-related myths, Professor Cheung generously shared her exclusive insights as the Director of our Research Office, who has been playing a critical role throughout the entire RAE submission process. 

“It’s not just about us sharing with you. It’s equally important for you to talk about the process you’ve gone through for the Exercise,” said Dr Mu while exploring tactics for efficiently making the right choice for RAE submission. As an expert in institutional analytics, Dr Mu has been supporting HKBU’s academic planning and policy development. 

With the united goal to excel in the coming RAE, the HKBU research community members were deeply involved in the dynamic Q&A session. The dialogue tackled some typical myths and provided practical advice on a range of topics from papers and editorials to conferences, as well as both conventional and unconventional research outputs. With myths dispelled and new understanding acquired, participants eagerly engaged in further discussions, enjoying the added pleasure of gratifying refreshments and beverages.

The event was enriched by the profound insights shared by our esteemed speakers and the dynamic, engaging presence of our event MC, Dr Snow Wang, Manager of our Office, whose versatility infused the event with vitality.

For more upcoming “Research Mingle” events, please stay tuned to our event page. Discover more exciting research news, events and stories of our talented HKBU researchers on our LinkedIn page.