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RAE Task Force

The RAE Task Force has been established to oversee the preparation and lead the strategic discussion on RAE 2026. The Task Force is chaired by the Vice-President (Research and Development).




Vice-President (Research and Development)
  • Professor Lyu Aiping


Provost ex officio
  • Professor Martin Wong
Interim Chief Innovation Officer
  • Professor Terence Lau
Associate Vice-President (Interdisciplinary Research)
  • Professor Johnny Poon
Associate Vice-President (Research Development)
  • Professor Liu Jiming
Dean/Associate Dean of each Faculty and School
  • Professor Johnny Poon
  • Professor Zhu Furong
  • Professor Daniel Lai
  • Dr Janice Pan
  • Professor Huang Xu
  • Professor Wei Ran
  • Professor Zhang Ge
Director, Research Office
  • Professor Christy Cheung

Executive Associate Dean, Graduate School

  • Dr Cheung King-Ho
Senior Assistant Academic Registrar, Graduate School
  • Dr Vicky Wong
Director, Office of Institutional Research and Planning
  • Dr Mu Jingwen

Assistant Director (Planning and Data Engagement), Office of Institutional Research and Planning

  • Mr Jesse Xiao

Managers, Research Office

  • Ms Jessica Lam
  • Mr Ivan Lau
Executive Officer, Research Office
  • Dr Darren Chau
Assistant to the Vice-President (Research and Development), Office of the Vice-President (Research and Development)
  • Ms Brenda Shum

RAE Impact Manager, Research Office

  • Dr Snow Wang


RO Support

The Research Office (RO) offers comprehensive support to Faculties/Schools in preparing for the RAE 2026. We encourage colleagues to reach out to us at for assistance and guidance.