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Research Grants Council (RGC) - Collaborative Research

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Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title

Dr Huang Xin (COMP)

Professor Liu Jiming (COMP) - CO-PI 

Dr Wang Qichen (COMP) - CO-PI 

Professor Xu Jianliang (COMP) - CO-PI 

Dr Yang Renchi (COMP) - CO-PI 

Federated Graph Management and Querying: Subgraphs, Keywords, and Privacy

Dr Zhang Lu (COMP)

Professor Bian Zhaoxiang (SCM) - CO-PI

Dr Zhai Lixiang (SCM) - CO-PI

Improved Metabolic Network Reconstruction and Metabolite Profiles Prediction using Complete and Strain-Resolved Microbial Genomes
2022/23Dr Tian Liang (PHYS)
Professor Lyu Aiping (SCM) - CO-PI
Professor Tang Lei Han (PHYS) - CO-PI
Dr Yang Zhu (BIOL) - CO-PI
Dr Zhong Lidan (SCM) - CO-PI
A Novel TCM-based Network Pharmacology Framework to Human Diseases and Drug-disease Relationship
2022/23Professor Gao Meng (GEOG)Climate- and Environment-conscious Urban Growth in the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA): Solutions and Co-benefits
2022/23Professor Qiu Jianwen (BIOL)
Professor Xu Jianliang (COMP) - CO-PI
Genomic Insights into Environmental Adaptation and Diversity of Deep-sea Siboglinidae
2022/23Professor Xia Yiji (BIOL)
Dr Aik Wei Shen (CHEM) - CO-PI
Professor Cai Zongwei (CHEM) - CO-PI
Professor Xiong Liming (BIOL) - CO-PI
NAD Capping of RNA: Mechanism and Functions
2021/22Professor Cai Zongwei (CHEM)Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics for the Investigation of Biomarkers in Parkinson’s Disease
2021/22Professor Xu Jianliang (COMP)User-Controlled Secure Data Sharing and Analytics with Blockchain and Trusted Computing Technologies
2020/21Dr Hor Hong Huan Catherine (CHEM)
Dr Angelo Homayoun All (CHEM) - CO-PI
Investigating Entry and Infection of the Primary Cilia and Central Nervous System by SARS-CoV-2
2019/20Professor Xia Yiji (BIOL)
Professor Cai Zongwei (CHEM) - CO-PI
Professor Xiong Liming (BIOL) - CO-PI
Non-canonical NAD-capped RNAs in Arabidopsis: Mechanisms of Capping and Decapping and Molecular and Physiological Functions

Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2022/23Professor Jia Wei (SCM)Dysregulated Host - Gut Microbiota Co-Metabolism in Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease
2019/20Professor Lyu Aiping (SCM)
Dr Ren Kangning (CHEM) - CO-PI
Professor Zhang Ge (SCM) - CO-PI
Aptamer: Molecular Insight & Translational Theranostics

Research Impact Fund (RIF)

Awarded YearPrincipal Investigator (PI)/ Project Coordinator (PC)Project Title
2020/21Dr Mah Ngar-yin Daphne (GEOG)
Dr Chan Mau Hing (PHYS) - CO-PI
Dr Cheung Man-wai Darren (GEOG) - CO-PI
Dr Choi Koon Kau Byron (COMP) - CO-PI
Dr Lo Tek Sheng Kevin (GEOG) - CO-PI
Mr Ng Siu King Kingsley (VA) - CO-PI
Professor Zhou Qiming (GEOG) - CO-PI
Exploring the Role of Big data Analytics in Promoting Smart Low-carbon cities: A human-centered, Community-based, and Deep Engagement Approach in Hong Kong