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Research Mingle event held with HKBU grant awardees and esteemed researchers


Some HKBU grant awardees and notable researchers from diversified disciplines gathered for our Research Mingle event on October 17, 2023. They engage in inspiring conversations with HKBU’s Vice-President (Research and Development) Professor Lyu Aiping, and fellow researchers. 

“We can support you to aim higher,” said Professor Lyu, mentioning his vision to support HKBU’s researchers and showcase research strengths. He encouraged researchers to strive for further excellence in research achievements through teamwork and transdisciplinary collaborations, which is one of Research Mingle’s aims, to foster closer communications for more collaborations.

Professor Lyu shared his experiences as a researcher, a businessman and a senior management person. Based on his observations upon his review of the scholars’ profiles, Professor Lyu pinpointed some personalised support to various groups of researchers.

Along with Professor Lyu’s sharing of his Chinese calligraphy and painting works, he expressed how conducive a pleasant atmosphere is to a researcher, and how splendid results could be developed through determination and revisions. After that, Mr Ivan Lau, Manager of the Research Office, provided some key information and timelines for some collaborative research grants of the Research Grants Council (RGC), to facilitate the preparation of our researchers and their collaborators.

The relaxing event concluded with the participants making new friends, and joyfully mingling with one another from a range of disciplines. 

For more upcoming events of Research Mingle, please stay tuned to our event page. Explore enlightening research news and events and stories of our remarkable HKBU researchers on our LinkedIn page.