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School of Communication launches FactCheck Service


The School of Communication has launched its FactCheck Service on social media. Drawing on research insights about the global phenomenon of viral misinformation, it aims to provide timely, independent and transparent fact checks for the general public. It zeroes in on material that is going viral, and identifies suspicious claims for further investigation. It is now on FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Twitter. The website is expected to be launched in October.

Operated jointly by the Institute for Journalism and Society and the AI and Media Research Lab, the service is co-directed by Celine Song and Raymond Li, and managed by Stephanie Tsang. The inter-departmental working committee is chaired by Huang Yu, and co-chaired by Kara Chan and Steve Guo. The project will also conduct studies on fake news using various inter-disciplinary approaches.


For more information, please contact Stephanie Tsang.