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World’s top HKBU scientists listed by 2023


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13 HKBU researchers are recognised as the world’s top scientists by in the recently published results. The listed HKBU researchers are from a wide range of disciplines, including science, business, Chinese medicine, communication and social sciences.


Led by the Chief Data Analyst Professor Imed Bouchrika, provided accurate results based on integrated data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The rankings are based on the scientist’s Discipline H-index (including papers and citation data for the examined discipline).


The HKBU research community is again encouraged by the great news!
Click here for the full list of the top-cited scientists worldwide in 2023 released by (*Discipline and country to be selected) 
List of HKBU Researchers named Top Scientists by (in alphabetical order by discipline and surname):


HKBU ScholarWorld RankingNational Ranking Discipline H-index
Best Biology and Biochemistry Scientists
Professor Li Jianming134335678 (the US)49
Professor Wong W.C., Jonathan355779 (mainland China)74
Best Business and Management Scientists
Professor Cheung M.K., Christy26513 (mainland China)62
Professor Viswanath Venkatesh11162 (the US)74
Best Chemistry Scientist
Professor David Parker122873 (the UK)89
Best Computer Science Scientist
Professor Ng Kwok Po, Michael56244 (mainland China)82
Best Ecology and Evolution Scientist
Professor Qiu Jianwen485191 (mainland China)35
Best Mathematics Scientists
Professor Ng Kwok Po, Michael1164 (mainland China)77
Professor Zhu Lixing166089 (mainland China)37
Best Medicine Scientist
Professor Jia Wei9929100 (mainland China)84
Best Neuroscience Scientist
Professor Thomas Ernst KnÖPfel1273137 (the UK)73
Best Plant Science and Agronomy Scientist
Professor Zhang Jianhua284 (mainland China)108
Best Social Sciences and Humanities Scientists
Professor Chan K. W., Kara488162 (mainland China)33
Professor Lai W.L., Daniel586782 (mainland China)31