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Blue Sky Research Fund

Creativity is fundamental to our academic life. Motivated by curiosity and a vast knowledge base, creativity allows one to shake up the normal way of thinking and develop new solutions to a problem. Thus, we should encourage the researchers to do curiosity-driven work to push the frontiers of science and advance knowledge outside the restriction of a pre-defined agenda. Due to the uncertain research outcome, funding from external funding bodies for such research might have proved difficult.  


Given the importance of blue-sky research to the essence of academic life and its potential value to the innovative discoveries, an internal funding scheme entitled “Blue Sky Research Fund” (BSRF) was set up to provide support to academics to carry out research simply for the sake of curiosity, discovery and knowledge in the development of science, humanity and arts.


BSRF supported research:



Review process and selection criterion

The assessment process was designed to engage the entire HKBU community to ensure that the best ideas be supported. The assessment process was divided into two levels – the first level collects views and comments from the HKBU’s research community (the Community Review). In contrast, the second level seeked advice and decision from a renowned Committee (the Committee Assessment). Details were as follows:


Community Review: All members of the University were invited to comment on the projects via an online platform. They were welcome to comment on any projects applied for the fund. All comments were shared on a non-anonymous basis and open to the public to ensure fairness and openness within the University community. An open forum was organised for the PI to present the project.


Committee Assessment: Each proposal, together with the collected comments, was assessed by the HKBU International Advisory Board for Research and Development.  The Committee then invited the project proposers to present their proposals in an elevator pitch and selected the awarded project(s). 

Funding support

Monitoring Measures

Awardees were required to submit an annual report and prepare an annual presentation open to both the HKBU’s academic community and the general public. Upon the completion of the project, awardees were expected to submit a completion report to RC, together with the financial statement of the reporting period.

Application Procedures

Applications were submitted via the HKBU Integrated Research Information and Management System (IRIMS) by 8 July 2022. Interested applicants were invited to fill in an application form, including but not limited to a 1-minute video and questions to be answered provided under Part II.


8 July 2022Application deadline
Mid-July 2022Preliminary screening
Late July to Mid-September 2022Community review
Mid-September 2022Committee assessment
Late September 2022Result announcement




Blue Sky Research Fund 2021/22